At the end of this month, on March 28 to be exact, we are excited to introduce the 888poker Club, a new rewards program that will replace our existing rewards plan. Instead of our current rake-based program, 888poker Club will reallocate the loyalty budget from the heavy grinders to the masses, making it healthy for the overall poker ecosystem.

The new loyalty program, which is simple and easy to understand, is designed to benefit recreational players by moving away from a rakeback model -- one that previously reset every month -- to one filled with various levels based on challenges and tokens.

What's more, as you progress in the loyalty program, you'll stay there as status will no longer reset every month.

How Does it Work?

So how do you progress from level to level? All you need to do is complete challenges, which will be posted on launch day. Unlike many reward programs, rake alone will not necessarily be enough to increase your status, or in this case, complete a level.

For example, in order to complete "Level X," you will be required to collect 200 points. The Rake Challenge for that level will award you 150 points, but for the other 50 points, you will need to earn them via poker active days. If per chance you don’t have the patience to wait, you can also get points by playing casino or by betting on sports.

Upon completing Levels – which again you accomplish by amassing points -- you will earn Gold Tokens, which can be redeemed for cash, prizes, and poker bonuses.

What About the Points in My Account Now?

Your current loyalty status in the outgoing program will determine what level you start on come March 28. Your points will be migrated to "Gold Tokens" -- the currency of the new program -- with the exact same value. The Gold Tokens are redeemable to cash at the same rate as today (1 cent per token), and cashing in your points before or after the change will affect neither their value nor your starting Level in the new program.

We'd like to assure you that despite these major changes, 888poker will fully honour its cashback commitment to all players, including its VIPs, who are currently entitled to yearly cash back in the existing rewards plan.

Moreover, any reward points players accumulated in the current rewards program will be automatically transferred to Gold Tokens, with equal value, in the new 888poker Club and will continue to be redeemable any time.

However, the cashback available in our current rewards program will likely not correspond to that offered in the new 888poker Club. As such, if the cashback earned by a VIP player within the 888poker Club structure is lower than that which they would expect from our current program, we’ll make sure to grant a monthly compensation of any difference up until each player’s VIP status expires.

We’ve emailed each VIP player the expiration date of their VIP status.

Will There Still Be Free Tournaments?

Finally, you will soon see 888poker Club Free Tournaments running every day with combined monthly prize pools of $100,000.

Just another way we're giving back to players.

To recap:

  • We are very proud to be launching this new and innovative rewards plan, and we expect it to make a very positive impact on our user experience at 888poker.
  • The challenges will be posted on the launch day. The new program will have many levels, and each one has its own challenges, some of which will be segmented.
  • There will also be 888poker Club Free Tournaments running every day with combined monthly prize pools of $100,000.
  • We would like to emphasise again that this change will not affect the cashback that VIP players are eligible for within our current rewards program. In case a gap occurs between the old program and the new one, the players will be compensated with the difference.

For more on the 888poker Club, click here.

About the Author
Chad Holloway is a 2013 WSOP Bracelet winner who has previously worked for PokerNews as a managing editor and live reporter
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