Three lucky 888poker players have hit the monster of all jackpots for a whopping $1,000,000!

The three players sat down at an 888poker online Blast Jackpot table for a game. What they weren’t prepared for was the mammoth-sized $1,000,000 prize pool that was about to leave them amazed – in a good way!

Blast Jackpot games are one of the hottest tickets on 888poker. And these three bought in for only $100 each.

Can you imagine their astonishment when they locked eyes on the astounding $1,000,000 in prize money?

BLAST Jackpot Hit for $1,000,000

As soon as the prize pool was set, two players from Canada and one from the UK were guaranteed a slice of the million-dollar prize.

Mikaxe took first-place for $700,000 Mikaxe took first-place for $700,000.

ayemaxx08 too second for $200,000 ayemaxx08 too second for $200,000.

aatorblood13 bagged third for $100,000 aatorblood13 bagged third for $100,000.

BLAST Jackpot Hit for $1,000,000

Just imagine, the next big winner could be you!

BLAST Jackpot Winners’ Reactions

We asked the winners a few questions that inquiring minds would want to know about their windfall.

Here are some of their responses:

Q: How excited were you when you saw the jackpot amount?

  • “I couldn't even believe it. Only [the] next day I realised that it is true - I won a JP. I´m super excited and can´t thank you enough.”

Q: What's the first thing you plan to do with your winnings?

  • “Pay a few bills and put money on savings.”

Q: Are you a regular or occasional Blast Jackpot player?

  • “I play occasionally. I would say almost every weekend.”

So, whether you’re a BLAST fanatic or less enamoured with the game, you’re in with a chance!

Blast games are running all day long on 888poker with a seat kept warm for you…

How to Get in on BLAST Jackpot Action

BLAST Jackpot games are essentially 3-handed tournaments where the prize pool is randomly set.

  1. Each BLAST game kicks off with a random draw to determine the prize pool.
  2. Players receive a starting stack of 1,500 chips regardless of the buy-in.
  3. The blind structure and prize pool distribution of each BLAST Jackpot game is set according to the multiplier.

After a set amount of time, the game places all three players all-in every hand until only one is left standing.

How to Get in on BLAST Jackpot Action

Check out the 888poker client under the BLAST tab to see the latest buy-ins available.

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