Explanation of Aces Full of Kings

Aces full of Kings is the strongest possible full house in poker, with the next strongest being Aces full of Queens and Aces full of Jacks etc etc. All full houses can be described with the expression “Xs full of Ys” where X is the three of a kind component of a full house and Y is the pair component of a full house. Since full houses make use of all five cards there is no room for kickers. Aces full of Kings will hence always split the pot with another Aces full of Kings. 

Example of Aces full of Kings used in a sentence -> Villain had Aces full of Kings but we took down the huge pot with our four of a kind Kings. 

Aces Full of Kings in Poker Strategy

In any given poker situation it is extremely unlikely that Aces full of Kings is not the best hand, simply because it is so strong in an absolute sense. Its relative strength in a game like Hold’em will depend on how many cards we have in the hole and how many are on the board. For example, on an AAKK5 board in Hold’em, it’s relatively straight-forward to see that any player with a lone Ace has made Aces full of Kings. However, on an AKK55 texture, a player would have to have AA in the hole to make Aces full of Kings which is a lot less likely. Furthermore, any player with a lone King in the hole will have made Kings full of Fives, increasing the likelihood that they pay out. 

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