Explanation of Bad Beat 

Bad-beats imply that our opponent had to get especially lucky to win the pot. This means that at most, he will have a gutshot, but very often less than this. In many cases our opponent may need to catch running cards on both the turn and river in order to make the best hand. If our opponent has a strong draw such as an open-ender or flush-draw, this should not really be referred to as a bad-beat

Example of Bad Beat used in a sentence -> It was a really tough session, just a constant string of bad beats

How to Use Bad Beat as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Bad-beats are a part of poker. They can’t be avoided and taking a beat in no way implies that the loser made any sort of strategic error. Good players only care about the overall-expectation of their decisions. They are happy about getting the money in as a favourite, even if their opponent catches an unlikely draw to win the pot.

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Dealing with bad beats becomes a lot easier when we under the nature of poker and variance

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