Explanation of Fish

Care is advised when employing the term “fish” since it can be considered derogatory. It’s considered politically correct to use the terms “fun players” or “recreational players” as opposed to “fish”. Despite excess care taken to avoid the term “fish” in a professional setting (due to fear of upsetting recreational players), there is no documented evidence to suggest that players are offended by such a term. Part of the reason appears to be that it’s rare for a very bad poker player to imagine that the term “fish” applies to them personally. This is because poker players are notorious susceptible to the “Lake Wobegon” effect.

The term fish is frequently used as a non-derogatory technical term to indicate a suspected weaker player in the table. Isolating weak opponents is an important part of making money playing poker.

Example of Fish used in a sentence -> Yeah, those games are really soft, completely brimming with fish.

How to Use Fish as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

It’s always good to know where the weaker players are at the table and leave coloured tags on them if playing in an online setting. Regardless of how good we are at poker the majority of our profits will come from the weaker players at the table over the long term.

See Also 

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