Explanation of Fold

Folding means we discard our hand and forfeit all right to winning the pot. We choose this option when a wager has been made before us on the current street and we don’t wish to invest additional chips into the pot.

Example of Fold used in a sentence -> There was no way we could continue against such a large turn bet so we made the fold.

How to Use Fold as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Novice players are generally disinclined to fold their hand. They are often curious regarding their opponent’s holding and desire to reach showdown.

Good players understand that folding is an important strategic option and when utilized effectively can be a huge asset in boosting winrate. As general guide, it is theoretically correct to fold our absolute worse hands on every street (aside from the one right before showdown where we may use them as bluffs).  

See the glossary entry under Action for a more comprehensive guide on when to use each action.

Check out The Ultimate Poker Folding Guide.

See Also 

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