Combination in Poker

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Explanation of Combination

The term “combinations” is mostly used when discussing either Hold’em or Omaha variants, although it can be used to describe a specific combination of cards in any variant.

Unique Combinations

There are 1326 unique combinations of two cards that can be dealt preflop in Hold’em.

4 Combinations

There a 4 combinations of each suited hand, e.g. 78

e.g. 78

" 12 Combition"

Counting Postflop Combinations in Hold’em

Unpaired Holdings

To calculate the remaining of a certain unpaired (preflop) hand, we multiply the number of first card remaining in the deck, with the number of the second card remaining in the deck.

Paired Holdings

By “paired” holdings in this context we are referring specifically to pocket pairs. The number of paired combinations paired in the deck is a little different. 

 Combinations can be hence used to ascertain the weighting of certain types of hands. 

How to Use Combination as Part of Your Poker Strategy