How to Dominate Your Poker Tournament as Chip Leader?

Learn the optimal chip leader strategy to use in poker tournaments to help you run deep all the way to the final table

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What Does Chip Leader Mean in Poker?

Being the chip leader at any given moment in a poker tournament makes for a pretty incredible feeling.

How to Play as the Chip Leader?

Playing every hand and always trying to make your opponents fold through your aggression.

When to Be Aggressive as Chip Leader?

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Bubble Situations

This is a great time to apply pressure on everyone with a wider range of steals and re-steals preflop.


If you’re ever discussing a chop in a tournament, always take any significant chip advantage you might have into account when deciding on the payouts.

Chip Leader Tournament Strategy and Tips

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Avoid Unnecessary Risks for Sizable Portions of Your Stack

Implement Strategies to Eliminate Tilt

While this should apply to any scenario in poker, it especially applies when playing as the chip leader.

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