The Poker Min-Raise - What You Need to Know

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Calculating the Min-Raise

As a start, the first bet in the sequence may never be less than the amount of one big blind

Min-Raise Strategy

The main advantage of min-raising is that it allows us to save chips when used in the correct context.

Min-raise Bluffing

An excellent application of the min-raise is min-raise bluffing when our opponent is showing inelastic folding tendencies.

Min Raising for Thin Value

Another example where we might elect for the min-raise size is when we are going for thinner value.

Dealing with Min-Raises

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It depends on the street

Facing a preflop min-raise is hugely different from facing a river min-raise.


We should continue wider vs min-raises than larger raises


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Summary of Playing Min-Raise Spots in Hold’em

Not all min-raises are created equal. It’s imperative to account for the exact scenario and type of opponent.

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