11 Things You Must Know About Poker Percentages!


Poker percentages refer to the current chance of your hand winning at showdown.

Poker Percentages?

What Are

Poker equity is a term often used in conjunction with poker percentages. Sometimes, players even use them synonymously or interchangeably.

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Poker Equity

Poker Equity

The greater understanding you gain of poker mathematics, the more naturally inclined you’ll be to make +EV decisions.


Poker Percentages

The Need for

We take all the possible runouts of community cards. Then we see how often one player will win, lose, or tie versus their opponent’s holding.

Hand Percentages


It’s crucial to note that playing a tighter (and also aggressive) strategy will be more conducive to winning.

Tight is Right!

Preflop Poker Strategy:

Once the first three cards are out, it’s easier to calculate the poker percentages for the rest of the hand.

Percentages: Flop

Poker hand

Poker Equity Calculators are fast and efficient tools that allow players to quickly see the hand's percentages.

Percentages Calculator

Poker Hand 

Players will often do their best to memorise and understand the common preflop poker equities when taking a hand vs hand approach.

Percentages and

Poker Ranges

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