The Maniac: How To Raise Your Game
Top Tips From Professional Poker Players
Expert Poker Player: Sofia Lövgren
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Loose & aggressive
Global Poker Index 2015 Rank #2,299
Player of the Year Rank 2015 #3,902
Live Best Cash $34,925
All Time Money $179,021
All Time Money List Current Rank 8,168
Popularity Rank 297
Twitter Followers 7,072

Mould your inner Maniac and build a professional poker strategy with expert guidance from 888’s very own poker superstar Sofia Lovgren.

How To Dominate The Home Poker Table

Every maniac thinks they know what’s what - but the way to win your home poker game is to keep those bold moves and big gestures artificial, keeping the strategy tight behind the scenes.

Sofia Lovgren knows a thing or two about winning - she’s won more than an incredible $179,000 at the professional poker table, so has played against almost every kind of player there is.

Stamping your maniac status on the game is vital to getting people worried about your next move. Sofia knows how to make an impact: “Immediately after re-raising or going all in with a great hand, order a large beer and start to entertain the poker table,” she suggests. “They’ll hate to be shown a bluff after a show like that and won’t be able to resist making a call.”

Knowing the opposition is a key part of making these big decisions. Sofia believes in the value of keeping friends close, but enemies closer still. “You need to be great at reading your opponents and playing without cards. It really demands timing and also the nous to know exactly when to pull off that big bluff.”

The Maniac: Understanding Poker Psychology

Mastering the psychological strategy of home poker is fundamental to winning big, often. So, who do you need to look out for around the home poker table? If you’re the Maniac, you need to be careful when you play against Shark players because they will try to exploit your craziness and loose play to their predatory advantage! Similarly with the Fish - because they tend not to have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the game, they may not behave as you expect against your adventurous (or erratic!) gameplay.

If you’re facing down another Maniac, a run-of-the-mill game has the potential to be a bloodbath! This may well be an entertaining match-up for fellow players to enjoy, but the average pots will be sky-high and losses could be big. So what’s the best way to play and win against a similar player? Sofia believes the best approach is to keep it simple - “Tighten up your game” she says. “Trap the Maniac with a good hand and let them flounder in a big pot.” Sorted.

Top Tips To Raise Your Game

  1. If you’ve been trash-talking a lot during your home poker game, don’t suddenly stop when bluffing in a big hand - by keeping your outrageous behaviour consistent, you’ll be more convincing. Don’t forget to breathe either - it may seem simple, but beginners often do when they’re trying to pull off a big bluff.
  2. As a Maniac, you have your loose-playing image to protect and preserve throughout the game. If you want to exploit that eccentric aura to the max, you should continue to show small bluffs pre-flop and then tighten up post-flop - you will reap the rewards when you hit a big hand.
  3. To win big, you need to be extremely aware of the different players and personalities around the table. As Sophia says: “It's absolutely crucial for you, as the resident Maniac, to select and target the right players to bully and spot your rivals.” Read up on the different types of player, watch their opening moves closely and understand the landscape of the game from the first hand.

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