Terms & Conditions - €88 FREE Bonus Package

The following are the terms and conditions of the "€88 Free Bonus Package Promotion" (the "Promotion") for www.888poker.com (the “Site”). The Promotion is organized by the applicable company as defined in the User Agreement (“we, us” or “our”), the operator of the Site.

  1. The Promotion shall commence on 10/5/2017 and shall conclude on 10/4/2018 (the “Promotion Period”).
  2. You are only eligible to participate in the Promotion if you are located in Germany, Ireland or the Netherlands. We shall determine your location based on your IP address. We will not provide the €88 FREE Bonus Package to any person who participates in the Promotion from outside the foregoing jurisdictions, even if he or she enters the Promotion in spite of this provision. In addition, we reserve the right to amend the list of countries from which persons may participate in the Promotion.
  3. No-one under the age of 18 or the age of legal consent for engaging in the gambling services made available through the Site and the Site client under the laws of any jurisdiction, whichever is higher may participate in this Promotion. You may be asked at any stage to provide us with a proof of age and/or identity.
  4. For security and verification purposes, we reserve the right to limit participation in this Promotion to: (i) one per household; (ii) one per computer terminal; or (iii) one per mobile device.
  5. During their engagement period and for a period of 24 months thereafter, none of our officers, directors, employees, consultants or agents or any other company within our group of companies or our suppliers, vendors or white label partners are permitted to participate in the Promotion, nor is any supplier or vendor. This restriction also applies to relatives of such persons and for this purpose 'relative' means any of a spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling.
  6. In order to participate in the Promotion, during the Promotion Period, you must complete the registration process at the Site and such registration details provided by you must be complete, truthful and accurate which includes but is not limited to email address and payment details you provide.
  7. In addition, you may only participate in the Promotion, if you have not previously registered with the Site.
  8. This offer may not be combined with any other offer.
  9. You may be asked at any stage to provide us with a proof of age and/or identity.
  10. Withdrawing funds: The amount you are able to withdraw from your account is subject to minimum and maximum limits. If your withdrawal request is for less than the relevant allowable amount, the funds will be returned to your bankroll. You can find details of the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits in our "Withdrawal Policy".
  11. By participating in this Promotion you agree to these terms and conditions which govern the Promotion, along with the "User Agreement" which includes but is not limited to the "Bonus Policy".
  12. The Promotion is a new registration offer and completely replaces any similar registration offer and any other registration offer to persons located in in Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.
  13. All terms and conditions hereafter refer to the new "€88 Free Bonus Package Promotion" and do not apply to any previous or similar promotion.
  14. You may only enter the Promotion only once and may receive only one €88 FREE Bonus Package.
  15. In the event that we determine in our reasonable opinion that you have violated these terms and conditions in any way, including without limitation by multiple registrations for the Promotion, or executes any other act in bad faith in relation to the Promotion, you shall be excluded from the Promotion and therefore become ineligible to receive the 88 FREE Bonus Package.
  16. Eligible members will be offered a "€88 Free Bonus Package” equal to $93 in bonuses which will be credited to your bonus account regardless of the currency exchange rate at any time. The €88 FREE Bonus Package amount is provided in Euros as a guide only and is not subject to changes and fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. , In order to receive the €88 FREE Bonus Package granted under the Promotion, you must respond to the claim email sent by the Site, by clicking on the relevant link within such email within 14 days of the Site sending the claim email to you. If you do not click the relevant link with such time frame, your right to receive the €88 FREE Bonus Package shall automatically expire.
  17. The €88 FREE Bonus Package comprises of the following :
    1. An immediate bonus of $1 in real money credited to your account with the Site (the “Immediate Bonus”).
    2. $8 worth of tournament tickets for use in poker tournaments at the Site (16 tickets for $0.5 buy-in poker tournaments distributed over an eight day period, 2 X $0.5 tickets a day) (the “Tournament Tickets”).
    3. A pending $84 bonus (the “Pending Bonus”)
  18. We will provide you with two Tournament Tickets (each with a value of $0.5) each day until the $8 worth of Tournament Tickets have been provided. If you do not use the Tournament Tickets on the date they are provided to you, such Tournament Tickets will automatically expire.
  19. The Immediate Bonus is granted to you in a restricted state and may be wagered with immediately upon grant. Such bonus and winnings generated with wagers placed with such funds, may be withdrawn only after you have collected 2.5 Bonus Points before you can withdraw the Immediate Bonus. For more information regarding Bonus Points, please see our Bonus Policy.
  20. The Pending Bonus will be remitted to the player's account in $8 increments each time the player has collected 250 Bonus Points in a single day. If a player collects less than 250 Bonus Points in a single day, such Bonus Points will automatically expire. If a player collects more than 250 Bonus Points in a single day, the excess Bonus Points will automatically count to the next days’ total Bonus Points accumulated. After such day the excess points shall automatically expire. With regards to the final $4 of the Pending Bonus, you must also collect 250 Bonus Points in a single day in order for such amount to be remitted into your account.
  21. You will have 90 days from when the Pending Bonus is credited to your account to fulfill the wagering requirements. . Otherwise any available Pending Bonus amount not used by you within the relevant time period will be cancelled and removed from your bankroll.
  22. In order to use the Tournament Ticket, you must register to a tournament with a buy-in at the value of $0.5.
  23. A Tournament Ticket can’t be used by a player to re-buy chips or to add chips to his/her stack during a tournament.
  24. A Tournament Ticket may not be: (i) exchanged or converted into cash; (ii) joined together to create a higher value ticket; or (iii) transferred by a player to another player.
  25. For further terms and conditions in relation to the use of Tournament Tickets, please see our Bonus Policy.
  26. You can only use the €88 FREE Bonus Package to play poker games and not casino games or sports betting.
  27. You can access the Tournament Tickets from the ‘My Tournament Tickets’ page (under ‘My Profile’ tab) or direct from the lobby (as stated below). You can log into the poker lobby with their username and password, click ‘My Profile’ from the top menu and ‘My Tournament Tickets’ from the drop-down menu. On the ‘My Tournament Tickets’ page, you can scroll down to a specific tournament ticket and click the ‘Open Lobby’ button to register to the tournament as usual. If eligible, you will not be charged real money for the buy-in but the Tournament Ticket will be used instead.
  28. Alternatively, you can search for the specific tournament in the poker lobby and click on the tournament name and register. Once you have registered to the specific tournament, you will receive a pop-up offering you the option to register using your Tournament Ticket or cash. If you chose to use your Tournament Ticket eligible, you will not be charged real money for the buy-in.
  29. The "€88 Bonus package" is available from www. 888poker.com and not any other sub domain.
  30. The Company’s decision is final with respect to all matters relating to awarding of the €88 FREE Bonus Package and shall not be subject to review or appeal.
  31. The Company reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.
  32. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to cancel, modify or suspend the Promotion if we believe that the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified.
  33. These terms and conditions have been drafted in the English language. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of these terms and conditions and the English language version, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.
  34. These terms and conditions and any matters relating hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Gibraltar and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Gibraltar.

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