Against the odds!

5 of the CRAZIEST betting Stories EVER!
(and one big FAIL…!)

From bets on Suarez’s famous on-pitch biting to Brazil’s fantastic World Cup flop, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the biggest (and weirdest) gambling success stories from the last century!

Suarez Bites Back!

from $19 to


After two previous biting episodes on the pitch, the odds were 175-1 that Uruguay’s Luis Suarez would strike again during the World Cup 2014. Lo & behold, the striker indeed sunk his teeth into the Italian player Giorgio Calini & 167 gamblers cashed in on the controversy with one lucky winner taking home a tasty $3,300!

Learning the Hard Way

from £4,400 to


A young student used his entire £4,400 student loan funding to bet on his favourite football club Angola, who were winning 4-0 in the African Cup of Nations with just 11 minutes of the game remaining. Although it looked like a sure bet, Mali made an incredible comeback over Angola in the last few minutes and the student lost it all.

Riding High on Dettori!

from £67.58 to


Serial Gambler Darren Yates took a leap of faith when he bet that pint- sized Jockey
Frankie Dettori would be riding the winning horse in his next seven consecutive races. Dettori went on to win race after race, winning Yates a sum over $860,000. A pretty impressive jump from his £67.58 investment!

Brazil's Luck Runs out in Rio

from $20 to


An inspired football fan bet $20 that Germany would triumph against Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup, and that Sami Khedira would score a goal. The odds? A pretty unlikely 2,319 to 1. The bet paid off and won him an epic $46,000.

From Rhodes to Riches!

from 1₵ to


Tommy Yates hit headlines when he won $19,500 off the back of a 1₵ buy-in to an 888poker WSOP satellite tournament. His 1₵ investment soon paid off, when he won a $13,000 dream trip to Las Vegas and finished the WSOP Main Event in the money with an incredible $19,500 cash win!

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