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VIP and VIP Diamond Statuses

VIP and VIP Diamond are the reward program’s most exclusive statuses. Unlike other poker rewards programs, once you reach 888poker’s VIP statuses you may remain in that status for more than 12 months, subject to the 888poker Rewards Program terms and conditions.

Status Minimum number of status points needed Number of reward points awarded for 1 status point
Yearly status 888poker VIP status *60,000 10
888poker VIP Diamond status 300,000 13.5

* For example, as a VIP if you earn 10 Status Points, your Reward Points total will be 100. As a VIP Diamond, if you earn 10 Status Points your Reward Points total will be 135.

VIP and VIP Diamond members also have these unique benefits:

• Exclusive VIP Free Tournament

• Huge cash back


* At least 40,000 of the required 60,000 Status Points must be earned by playing poker games.

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