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Snap Poker

What is Snap Poker?

Snap Poker is a fast-fold poker format designed to minimize the waiting time between the moment you fold a hand until a new hand is dealt.

Snap Poker is played both in ring game and tournament formats. In Snap Poker, players join a “Players Pool” and are randomly re-seated at a different table in each and every hand that they play.

Playing Snap Poker allows you to Snap Fold before the action gets to you (out of turn) and within seconds, you will be dealt a new hand at another random table with random opponents. However, the other players on the table will not see that you folded until it is your turn to act.

Once you folded, or after showdown, you will be promptly reseated at a new table with new opponents.

Snap Fold

Fold, watch and play

You may opt to fold or “Snap fold” a hand and continue watching the end of the hand by either clicking on the “Fold watch and play” button or by holding the Shift key pressed and click “fold” or “Snap fold”.

By choosing to “Fold watch and play”, a new screen will appear. In this screen you can watch the rest of the hand in “observer mode.” In the original screen you will be moved to the new table, against new opponents, and continue to play.

Please note that it is possible to observe only one hand at a time.

The “Fold watch and play” option is enabled for Snap ring games only.

Fold Watch Play

How to join Snap games

Under the Snap tab, you will find the two sub tabs:

  • Snap games
    This tab divided to two parts: “Cash Games” and “Upcoming Snap tournaments”. You may join the Snap ring games by:
    • Double click specific pool name
    • High-light pool name and then clicking “Join game” button
    The “Upcoming Snap tournaments” tab is a list of Snap tournaments that are open for registration.
  • Snap Tournaments
    The “Snap tournaments” sub tab presents the entire list of the Snap tournaments.
    You may also find the Snap tournaments under “All games” tab.
    Snap Sit&Go games will be presented within the Snap tournament tab.
    You may find Snap Sit&Go also under “All games” tab-> “Sit & Go” -> “All”

Snap Lobby