Play your cards right

with the 888poker Coach tool

888poker Coach

This amazing online tool boosts your poker skills, reduces errors and improves your chances of winning at the 888poker tables. So go grab it fast!

The amazing 888poker Coach:
  • Helps to manage & boost your bankroll
  • Provides playing commentary & insight
  • Maximizes your fun
  • Displays real-time poker odds
  • Shows your best poker hands
How does it work?
The 888poker Coach automatically attaches itself to your Texas Hold'em table.
It instantly displays all the odds and game info you need to help you play and improve your game.
Getting Started
  1. Download and install the 888poker Coach from this page.
  2. Log into 888poker and open a Texas Hold'em table.
  3. The 888poker Coach will launch & display around your poker table:


888poker Coach supports cash games and tournaments.
It has 4 main sections each with helpful information about your hand and game.


The first section of the calculator consists of:

  • Hand Strength Indicator
    Displays the strength of your starting hand pre-flop. After the flop is dealt the hand strength indicator shows your chances of winning the hand if it goes to showdown.
  • Hand Commentary
    Displays real-time commentary, hand information and educational information. Commentary will change according to your pocket cards, the community cards, your position, the number of players and the action in the hand
  • Game Stage Indicator
    Displays the stage (pre-flop, flop, turn, river) of the hand you are playing.
  • Position Indicator
    Displays your position relative to the other players in the hand.
  • Players in Hand Indicator
    Provides information regarding the opponents in the hand out of the number of players that started in this hand.
  • M-Zone
    Displays the ratio of the blinds (and antes if applicable) to your current chip stack (only for Tournaments and Sit & Go’s).
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The second section of the calculator consists of:

  • Hole cards
    Displays your hole cards pre-flop.
  • Best 5 Cards Tab
    Displays your best 5-card combination once flop is dealt.
  • Hand Description Text
    Displays your hand's description.
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The third section of the calculator consists of:

  • Cards to improve the hand box
    Displays unseen cards that, if drawn, will improve your hand
  • Turn Odds
    Shows your chance by percentage of getting an out on the turn
  • River Odds
    Shows your chance by percentage of getting an out on the river
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  • What is BRM? - Bankroll Management (BRM) is the practice of playing at specific limits. The rules of BRM ensure that you always play at tables that are appropriate for the size of your current bankroll.
  • Boost your bankroll - BRM is a key to becoming a successful poker player. It helps you win a maximum amount of profit while minimizing the risk.
  • How does it work? The BRM tool will tell you the right table for you to play according to your bankroll. When you open a table that is too expensive for your bankroll, the calculator will display a notification recommending another table.


888poker Coach