Compete in cash game leaderboards & witness a $50,000 prize explosion!

Every type of player, from beginner to expert, has an equal chance to climb our leaderboards and win amazing prizes like iPad Minis, Xbox 360s, PS4s, PS Vitas, cash bonuses & more, starting 06/01/2014!


Play Cash Games & Earn Points
  • Earn points by playing at cash tables.
  • Your first 150 hands per day count.
  • To accumulate points:
Win a hand Post Flop
Get to Showdown
The higher your hand ranking, the more points you'll earn.
[+] Click here to see points calculation
Hand Ranking Leaderboard Points
Royal Flush 500
Straight Flush 300
Four of a Kind 200
Full House 150
Flush 100
Straight 80
Three of a Kind 50
Two Pair 30
One Pair 20
High Card 10
Climb the Weekly Leaderboards
  • 3 leaderboard competitions per country/region.
  • Each competition will last 1 week.
  • Top rankers win a cash prize & entry to the Big Bang Leaderboard Grand Final.
Check your rank here, every day:
(for all other countries)
Big Bang Grand Final Leaderboard
  • Compete against all the top players from all countries on 28/01/2014 to 03/02/2014 for these incredible prizes:
Place Prize
1st -3rd Sony PS4 500GB & Killzone Shadow fall
4th - 10th iPad Mini WiFi 16GB
11th - 20th PlayStation Vita 3G + WiFi
21st - 30th Xbox 360 Console 250GB
31st -50th $100 bonus
51st - 80th $50 bonus
81st - 100th $20 bonus

For example:

  1. You earned a total of 550 points during the first week's competition and ranked #5 on your country leaderboard!
  2. You win $25 cash and entry to the Big Bang Grand Final Leaderboard.
  3. You play lots of cash games during the final leaderboard competition and rank #3!
  4. You win a PlayStation4!
Terms and Conditions:
  1. All 888poker Terms & Conditions apply.
  2. All 888poker Bonus Policy rules apply.
  3. Players are automatically registered to a leaderboard according to their country of residence.
  4. Players are being added to the leaderboard according to their registration country.
  5. The Big Bang Leaderboards will only calculate Leaderboard Points from cash games played.
  6. Players will only receive Leaderboard Points when they win a hand Post Flop or get to Showdown. The number of points earned depends on the hand ranking.
  7. Players may only accumulate Leaderboard Points on the first 150 hands they play each day.
  8. The leaderboards will only display the top 3,000 players.
  9. The leaderboards' ranks will be updated once per day.
  10. Leaderboard winners will be notified of their prize 24-72 hours after the leaderboard competition ends.
  11. Cash bonuses awarded during the promotion may be withdrawn only after a player has accumulated 3.5 Bonus Points for every $1 of the received bonus amount.
  12. Please allow up to 60 days for delivery of goods.
  13. The 888poker Reward Store coupon code can only be entered once.
  14. In the case of a lack of stock of certain goods an alternate choice will be offered to the member.
  15. Due to shipping restrictions, members from the following countries will not be sent apple prizes: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and all countries in South America. However, members from these regions may still participate in the Promotion and receive an equivalent cash amount of the prize as credit into their 888poker account if they win.
  16. In case any of the other goods cannot be shipped to certain countries, players will receive an equivalent cash amount of the prize as credit to their 888poker account if they win.
  17. The 888poker Reward Store coupons code are valid for 30 days and only apply to the above mentioned prize items.
  18. The points will be calculated for all holdem games, Omaha cash game points will count %40 of the points accumulated, all other cash games will not be calculated in the leaderboards.