How to earn Status Points (SPs) and Bonus Points (BPs)

Status Points (SPs) are earned for every game or tournament you play.

Bonus Points (BPs) are used to clear your pending bonuses. BPs are accumulated only if you have an active pending bonus; check your bonuses in the 'Get Rewards' page in the Cashier.

You can earn SPs and BPs by:

  1. Playing in poker ring games -earn 2 SPs + 2 BPs (if applicable) for every $1 of your contributed rake.*
  2. Playing poker tournaments -earn 2 SPs + 2 BPs (if applicable) for every $1 of tournament fee.
  3. Playing casino games (from your poker account) -earn 1 SP + 1 BP (if applicable) for every $16 wagered in the casino.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny a player of any bonus or promotion including without limitation SPs or BPs, and/or rescind any policy in respect of such player, either temporarily or permanently.

* Contributed rake refers to how much rake you are directly responsible for based on how much you contributed to the raked pot relative to the other players at the table. Example: If you bet $25 into a $100 pot (25%) and a $4.00 rake is taken from the table, you contributed $1.00 of rake (25%), which earns you 2 SPs and 2 BPs (if applicable).

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