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888poker Club Terms & Conditions

Player participation within the 888poker Club Program is conditional on your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:

  1. The membership and privileges supplied by the 888poker Club Program are exclusive and unique to 888poker.
  2. Participation in the 888poker Club Program is free, and commences automatically from the first time a player places a real money bet at 888poker.
  3. 888poker at its sole discretion may: (i) terminate a player’s participation in the 888poker Club Program; (ii) modify these Terms and Conditions and any related 888poker Club rules and conditions, at any time or (iii) terminate 888poker Club Program at any time. Please review these Terms and Conditions regularly in order to be aware of any modifications that may be introduced, of which 888poker is not obliged to notify players.
  4. Any misconduct, unlawful or otherwise, or any fraudulent activity by a player within the 888poker Club Program may result in immediate membership termination.
  5. 888poker reserves the right at any time to modify or withdraw any benefit or Challenge made available to a player under the 888poker Club Program which includes but is not limited to any prizes, cashbacks, tournament tickets or bonuses.
  6. 888poker is unable to provide players with any legal advice or assurances in respect of their participation in the 888poker Club Program and makes no representations whatsoever as to the legality of a player’s participation in the 888poker Club Program in their jurisdiction. Players must verify the relevant laws in their jurisdiction before participating in the 888poker Club Program.
  7. The 888poker Club Program will only be accessible/visible via the 888poker platform, and cannot be accessed/viewed via any other 888 platforms.
  8. These Terms and Conditions are solely affiliated to the 888poker Club Program.
  9. The 888poker Member Support Team decision is final with respect to all matters relating to these Terms and Conditions.
  10. In case of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of these Terms and Condition, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.

How 888poker Club Works:

  1. By participating in the 888Poker Club Program players may receive Gold Tokens that may be redeemed for prizes.
  2. Players will receive Gold Tokens by climbing to the next Level in the 888Poker Club Program.
  3. Players climb a Level when they accumulate the number of Points required to pass such Level.
  4. Players earn Points through 888poker Club Challenges.
  5. Some Challenges will need to be completed in order for players to earn Points, other Challenges will allow players to accumulate Points as the player progresses with the Challenge requirements.
  6. Points requirement, Challenges progress, amount of Gold Token and many other 888poker Club elements can found in the “My Account” page accessible from the 888poker client.

888poker Club Points

  1. Players are able to accumulate Points via participating in 888poker Club Challenges. The Points will either be granted upon the completion of the Challenge or along the progress of the Challenge, as will be detailed within the Challenge.
  2. Players are required to acquire different amounts of Points to reach different Levels.
  3. If the amount of Points a player has earned exceeds that required to complete the Level, any amount of surplus Points will be carried to the next Level.
  4. Players may not sell, transfer or barter their Points in any way.
  5. In some instances, players will receive their Points within 72 hours of completing a Challenge.
  6. 888poker reserves the right to alter any provision relating to any of the Challenges or the distribution of Points, at its discretion.
  7. The Challenges may offer a different amount of Points.
  8. Some Challenges are capped and will offer a maximum amount of Points. Once this cap is reached, players will not be granted additional Points from any additional activity related to that Challenge at that Level.
  9. Points will be updated on a player’s Points Progress Bar. In the case of some Challenges, this will happen instantly, from the moment the points are earned. The Progress Bar can be viewed under ‘My Account’ in the 888poker Club.
  10. Points cannot be acquired via games played on 888games.
  11. In the event of conflict between the calculations of the Points Progress Bar and 888poker records, 888poker records shall prevail.
  12. Points do not have any real monetary value.

888poker Club Gold Tokens

  1. Gold Tokens will be awarded once a player has reached a new Level.
  2. Players may not sell, transfer or barter their Gold Tokens in any way.
  3. Gold Tokens do not have any real monetary value.
  4. Gold Tokens are only valid for use in the Redeem Page under ‘My Account’ and via the 888poker Online Shop. All 888poker Online Shop T&C apply.
  5. A player’s Gold Tokens will expire after 90 days of inactivity on the player's account at 888poker.

888poker Club Levels

  1. 888poker Club Program includes an infinite number of Levels.
  2. A different selection of Challenges may be available in each Level. The Challenges at a given Level may change from time to time and may be different for different players.
  3. Players can only progress upwards in their Levels, and will never be demoted to a lower Level.
  4. Players may participate in 888poker Club Free Tournaments. Some of these Free Tournaments may be restricted for players below or above a certain Level.

888poker may decide in its absolute discretion to conclude or modify any of the above, immediately at any time.

888poker Club Challenge Terms

See below for Challenge terms & conditions. These conditions apply to Challenges which are permanently available to 888poker Club members.

  1. Hit the poker Tables : For every $1 of rake and fee, players will receive 100 points.
  2. Be active : Players will receive points for playing at real money games 888poker over a certain number of days. Points for this Challenge will be received once it has been completed.
  3. Friends with benefits! Players will earn Points for each new friend who deposits at 888poker. Points for this Challenge will be received once it has been completed within 72 hours.
  4. Get Lucky! Players will receive 1 point for every ¢40 wagered on casino games via the 888poker platform, with the following wagering requirements:
    Wagering Contributions
    Game Category Game Contribution
    Video Slots & Slots, Keno, Race, Arcade, Dice and all other games that do not appear in the table 100%
    Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Poker, Triple Card Poker & Poker table games 20%
    All versions of Roulette, All versions of Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Hi-Lo, VideoPoker, Power Video Poker, Baccarat, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold'em & Live Roulette 10%
    Craps 5%

    Wager $500 on Video Slots, the entire $500 (100%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.
    Wager $500 on Roulette, $50 (10%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.

  5. Bonus may be used on selected games only, when playing Casino.
  6. You Bet! Players will receive 1 Point for every ¢16 bet on sports with odds greater than 1.5, made via the 888poker platform. Cashed In bets do not count as qualifying bets and won't acquire any points.
  7. Some Challenges will not be available in certain countries.
  8. Additional Challenges may be offered to players at the discretion of 888poker.
  9. Some Challenges may grant Points within 72 hours of the player qualifying to receive such Points.
  10. Some Challenges will be reset at the start of each new Level.
  11. Different players may receive different Challenges at the same Level and/or different Points that are rewarded for the same Challenge.

Redemption of prizes

  1. Players are able to redeem Gold Tokens for prizes and various 888poker bonuses and tickets via the 888poker Online Shop and the Redeem Page under ‘My Account’.
  2. All Redeem Page and 888poker Online Shop T&Cs apply.
  3. A minimum of 10 Gold Tokens can be redeemed to receive a prize via the Redeem Page.
  4. In the case of a lack of stock of certain goods an alternate choice will be offered to the player.

888poker Club Free Tournaments

  1. Entry to each tournament will be restricted to players who have reached certain Levels.
  2. 888poker reserves the right to change the entry criteria, frequency and prize pool amount of each tournament at its discretion, at any time without further notice.
  3. Entry to a ‘Level up’ Free tournament will require a ticket, which will be granted within 72 hours of advancing to the next Level.

Bonus policy

What is 888poker's Bonus Policy?

888poker's Bonus Policy states that:
  1. Subject to 888poker's discretion and the rules set out below, new players may receive a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $400 in relation to their first deposit to their 888poker account. 888poker reserves the right to limit the Welcome Bonus to (i) one bonus per household or (ii) one bonus per computer terminal.
    Where players receive any bonus in currencies other than US Dollars, such bonus amounts shall be given to players based on the US Dollar amount according to the relevant daily exchange rate.
  2. The terms "Initial Deposit Welcome Bonus", "First Deposit Bonus", "Match Up Bonus" and "First Time Bonus" all refer to the same Welcome Bonus.
Special Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions :
    1. To be eligible for any bonus included as part of this special 100% up to $400 Welcome Bonus promotion (the "Promotion"), a player must open a new 888poker account and make a first deposit equal to or greater than the minimum required deposit.
    2. The Welcome Bonus will then be remitted to the player's account in $10 increments each time the player has collected 10 Bonus Points per every $1 of the Welcome Bonus. For example: If you make a first deposit of $100, then you will receive your Welcome Bonus in pending installments of $10; each time you generate 100 Bonus Points, $10 will be released into your account up to 100% of your deposit amount = $100
    3. Bonus Points enable you to clear any bonuses by wagering. Bonus Points are accumulated only if you have an active bonus.
    4. You can earn Bonus Points by:
      • Playing in poker ring games -earn 2 Bonus Points (if applicable) for every $1 of your contributed rake.*
      • Playing poker tournaments -earn 2 Bonus Points (if applicable) for every $1 of tournament fee.
      • Playing casino games (from your poker account) -earn 1 BP (if applicable) for every $10 wagered in the casino.

      * Contributed rake refers to how much rake you are directly responsible for based on how much you contributed to the raked pot relative to the other players at the table. Example: If you bet $25 into a $100 pot (25%) and a $4.00 rake is taken from the table, you contributed $1.00 of rake (25%), which earns you 2 Bonus Points (if applicable).

    5. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny a player of any bonus or promotion including and not limited to Bonus Points, and/or rescind any policy in respect of such player, either temporarily or permanently.
    6. The Welcome Bonus shall expire within 90 days of your first deposit.
    7. Players who benefit from this Promotion will not be eligible to benefit from any other first deposit bonus promotions.
    8. Players are permitted to make deposits following their initial deposits in order to reach certain bonus levels, however only the initial deposit amount shall be considered in relation to awarding the Welcome Bonus.
    9. 888poker shall deposit all bonuses into a player's account within seventy-two (72) hours of the player becoming eligible to receive them.
    10. The terms and conditions for the Promotion shall be read in conjunction with the User Agreement.
    11. This is a time-limited promotion. 888poker reserves the right to discontinue the Promotion at any time and at its sole discretion.
    12. The Promotion shall commence on April 5th, 2011 and shall conclude on a date to be determined and posted on the 888poker.com website.
    13. Players may be entitled to one Welcome Bonus - players who make their first deposit with one of 888's "skins" and who have or previously had an account with any site owned or operated by 888, including any "skin", shall not be entitled to a Welcome Bonus.
    14. Players who are offered an 888poker calculation tool in their registration form, shall be eligible to receive this tool on top of their Welcome Bonus, provided that they make their first deposit within twenty-four (24) hours from registration.
  1. This Bonus Policy applies to all event or promotion funds received in excess of regular payouts.
  2. All 888poker.com withdrawal & privacy policy rules apply to all event or promotion funds received in excess of regular payouts.
  3. All immediate (non-pending) bonuses may be withdrawn only after a player has collected 2.5 Bonus Points per every $1 of the received bonus amount. For example, a player must first accumulate 25 Bonus Points before withdrawing a bonus totaling $10. When the foregoing wagering requirement has been completed, the bonus and any winnings generated from the bonus will be available for withdrawal.
  4. 888poker reserves the right to withhold the amount of any bonus from a player's withdrawal.
  5. All bonuses, promotional offers and winnings related to same must fulfill points accumulation requirements at 888poker within thirty (30) days of being credited to a player's account, or within the period specified in the notification of a promotional offer if different. Otherwise any available bonus amount and promotional offer (and in some cases all winnings generated through same) not used by a player within the relevant time period will be cancelled and removed from the player's bankroll.
  6. Notwithstanding the modification provisions in the User Agreement, 888poker.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at a time of its choosing, to withdraw, revoke or amend any bonuses and promotional offers, or any parts thereof.
  7. Any winnings generated from bonus money, whether in whole or in part, shall be paid to the winning player as follows: (i) a payment to the player's real bankroll up to the bet amount that was funded from real money; (ii) a payment to the player's 'bonus wallet' up to the original bonus amount used to fund the bet or up to the amount that was in the player's 'bonus wallet' prior to funding the bet, whichever is greater; and (iii) a payment of remaining winnings to the player's real bankroll if associated with poker games or to the 'bonus wallet' if the general bonus was played in casino games.
  8. Your account is made up of both Available funds (those that can be used in any applicable game or withdrawn subject to the Withdrawal Policy) and Restricted funds (the total of bonus funds that have not yet met the wagering requirement and any winnings associated with such bonus funds). If you have both Available funds and Restricted funds in your account, the next wager you make will use Restricted funds first. Available funds will only be used once your Restricted funds balance is zero. If you place a wager on casino games using Restricted funds only and win you will receive, depending on your account currency, up to a maximum of $500/€500/£500 in winnings. If your winnings exceed $500/€500/£500 you will only receive $500/€500/£500. Such limitation on your winnings shall not apply to verified progressive jackpot winnings derived from Restricted funds.
  9. Bonuses differ according to the offering in which they are played and can be included in more than one offering.
  10. All bonuses and promotional offers and any winnings generated through the wagering of either of the aforesaid will be cancelled at cashout, if any of the applicable conditions have not been fully completed.
  11. If the buy-in amount is not returned during the bonus cancellation/expiration/removal following a withdrawal, the bonus will have ‘Open transaction' status. During buy-out, the winnings will then be distributed to this bonus in a regular manner (as if it was not expired/cancelled/removed following a withdrawal). Once there are no open transactions left on this bonus, it will then be nullified.
  12. Please be advised that during a campaign or promotion where you receive any additional bonus amount, whether this is part of the original bonus or a separate amount, you may be required to accumulate further points in order to request a withdrawal of the bonus and any accumulated winnings.
  13. In the event that 888poker.com reasonably suspects that a player is abusing or attempting to abuse any type of bonus 888poker.com reserves the right to: (i) discontinue the player's 888poker.com membership; (ii) withhold all monies in such player’s account; and (iii) to prevent the player from accessing the poker room in the future.
  14. In the event 888poker.com reasonably suspects that any players acting in a group are or have attempted to abuse any bonus offer, 888poker.com reserves the right to block all relevant accounts and indefinitely retain the monies therein.
  15. In the event of a bonus being removed from your account for any reason, we reserve the right to remove the full bonus amount together with any winnings derived from this bonus, irrespective of any point accumulation that may have occurred with the said bonus.
  16. Wagering on all casino games in 888poker contributes towards the wagering requirements but certain games contribute greater amounts than others. The following is a list of the contributions for each individual game type that count towards the wagering requirements:

    Wagering Contributions
    Game Category Game Contribution
    Video Slots & Slots, Scratch card, Keno, Race, Arcade, Dice and all other games that do not appear in the table 100%
    All versions of Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Poker, Triple Card Poker & Poker table games 20%
    All versions of Blackjack, Live Blackjack, Hi-Lo, VideoPoker, Power Video Poker, Baccarat, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’em & Live Roulette 10%
    Craps 5%
    • Wager $500 on Video Slots, the entire $500 (100%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.
    • Wager $500 on Roulette, $100 (20%) contributes towards the wagering requirements
  17. Any winnings made under the bonus, may be withdrawn only after the wagering requirement has been fulfilled. If you wish to remove the Welcome Bonus and winnings in order to withdraw your initial deposit please contact our Member Support Department.
  18. Bonus points accumulated via low- risk wagering in all versions of Wild Wheel, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps bets will not be calculated as a valid wager with regard to the withdrawal requirements in 888poker's Bonus Policy. We reserve the right to withhold any amount in excess of the member's original deposit from a member's withdrawal if the play bonus is wagered on any of the foregoing games.
  19. The registration bonus package Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein.
  20. Terms and Conditions in Relation to Tournament Tickets (“TrT(/s)”).
    1. A Tournament Ticket may be granted by us to a player as a type of a bonus.
    2. A Tournament Ticket is a ticket to participate in poker tournaments and Sit & Go tournaments selected by us.
    3. We may at any time and in our sole discretion change the tournaments for which a Tournament Ticket may be used.
    4. A Tournament Ticket possesses a fixed value and may only be used in tournaments that have a buy-in equal to that of the value of the Tournament Ticket. For the avoidance of doubt, Tournament Tickets may not be used as a buy-in for a tournament where the buy-in is less than the value of a Tournament Ticket.
    5. A Tournament Ticket can’t be used by a player to re-buy chips or to add chips to his/her stack during a tournament.
    6. Tournament Tickets may not be: (i) exchanged or converted into cash; (ii) joined together to create a higher value ticket; or (iii) transferred by a player to another player.
    7. Each Tournament Ticket will be granted with an expiry date. If a Tournament Ticket is granted as part of a promotion it will expire on the earlier of: (i) termination or expiration of such promotion or (ii) the expiry date of a Tournament Ticket. Once a Tournament Ticket has expired or the promotion has ended a player shall immediately forfeit such Tournament Ticket.
    8. In the event that a Tournament Ticket is granted by us for any tournament which is cancelled prior to it starting, unless otherwise stated in a promotion such Tournament Ticket will not expire or terminate but may be used by a player in another tournament of our choosing.
    9. In the event that a Tournament Ticket is used in any tournament which is then cancelled by us after it begins, unless otherwise stated in a promotion any compensation will be identical to that of players who have registered for such tournament using cash from their bankroll.
  21. This Bonus Policy has been drafted in the English language. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Policy and the English language version, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.
Last updated on 31st of March, 2016

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