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"Texas Holdem takes 5 minutes to learn, and a lifetime to master", claims one of the most famous quotes about the game.

If you are completely new to the game, read on to get a solid foundation to start playing Texas Holdem Poker at 888 poker. If you have some experience playing the game, read on to find out how a few simple tips can significantly enhance your ability.

The basic rules of Texas Holdem

  • The objective of Texas Holde’m is make the best 5-card hand out of 7 cards available to you.
  • Each player gets dealt 2 cards face-down, followed by a round of betting.
  • 3 additional cards are then dealt face-up, referred to as "the flop". These are community cards everyone can use to make their 5-card hand. A second round of betting follows.
  • 1 additional card is dealt face-up, referred to as "the turn". The turn too is a community card, and is followed by another round of betting.
  • 1 final community card is dealt face-up, referred to as "the river". The final round of betting takes place after the river is dealt.
  • Whoever shows down the best 5-card hand wins the pot.
  • If somewhere along the way a player bets and everyone elects to fold, that player wins the pot without a showdown.

Texas Holdem Poker – power tips for playing and winning

Texas Holdem Poker has become a household name everywhere, and people have fun playing it at home games with their friends, or challenge themselves online against people from all around the world. It is a pure form of battle of the minds.

Do you want to get an advantage over your opponents? Ready to take the first step on your way to victory? Here are the power-tips that will get you started in Texas Holdem poker!

There are a few key concepts that will allow you to pick up the game and enjoy it fairly quickly:

  • Play good starting 2-card hands – pocket-pairs, high-cards, and suited connectors are all strong hands to take to the flop. Playing high card-low card hands, suited garbage or offsuit random cards is like bringing a knife to a gunfight!
  • If you miss the flop – get out! A novice player may fall in love with his preflop hole cards, and refuse to release the hand even though the board is unfavorable. Beware!
  • Bet, bet, bet! Aggression is a key component in Texas Holdem. when you bet and raise you have two ways of winning the pot – you can either win it without a showdown if your opponent folds, or win it in showdown with the best hand.
  • Avoid marginal spots. Unlike what you may think, the best poker players in the world don't win because they can read your soul, pull off an amazing bluff or make a mind blowing call. True - every once in a while they'll pull a rabbit out of their hats, but the best players shine when it comes to pressing hard when they have a clear edge and backing down when they are unsure of where they stand. Which brings us to the next power tip…
  • Patience – pick your spots carefully! Many times you will find yourself card-dead, bored out of your mind and longing to get in the mix. Do not be tempted to get in there with a so-so hand, like a raggedy ace or random suited garbage – it may cost you dearly.
  • Sometimes you have to play your opponent, and not your cards. As you become more experienced, you will learn to identify weakness in your opponent and steal the pot with a bluff!

When playing and following the above advice, keep in mind that Texas Holdem is just a game, and you should have fun playing it. Well, it’s not just any game – its one of the best mind games in the world.

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