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Poker games are the one of the best and most entertaining ways to spend your free time. Try the wide range of poker games available at 888poker.

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Poker Cash Games

The Cash Poker Games at 888poker run all day and all night long. So, there's no need to sit around, fidgeting in your seat, waiting for a table to fill up to start playing. You can get in there and start pushing players around, right away!
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888poker offers cash tables in a lot of different poker formats. You can find cash tables with Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7 Card Stud games. So, if Hold'em isn't your favourite, you can easily get into another poker game that suits your tastes
If you're the kind of person who likes to come and go as they please, Cash Games are the perfect fit. You have full control and can sit in and post your blinds right away. Play for 10 minutes or 10 hours, it's up to you

Poker Tournament Games

Most professional players love poker tournaments. Why? Because you can buy in for small amounts (or even for nothing) and win huge piles of cash and amazing prizes. And if you win big, you could even retire early!
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Once you've paid your buy-in to a tourney, you get to play for as long as the chips last. No need to re-buy or top up. You get to see a lot more hands for your Loonies and can learn a lot from just sitting and watching other players go nuts!
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In general, Tournaments are relatively low risk. You pay one amount and that's it. For your buy-in, you could get as much as 10K – 20K chips. Although the more common starting stack is around $2K – 3K.

Betting Structures

There are 3 main types of betting in poker and each is a little different. No Limit games will have you on the edge of your seat while Fixed and Pot Limit might be a little less action. No matter which game you chose to play, at 888poker you're in for maximum fun and excitement.

No Limit

You've seen the all-in, no limit action on TV, at the World Series of Poker and online. At 888poker, the No Limit tables are always heaving with players – just waiting for the next raise, re-raise and all-in bet. If you think of yourself as an aggressive risk-taker, this format could be the answer to your poker dreams.

Fixed Limit

If slower-paced betting is more up your alley, Fixed Limit games could be the solution. No, you can't go all-in, but the added benefit is that you can't be all-out in one hand. The maximum bet is set at 4 x the Big Blind in each betting round. This is a great way for newbies to play a lot of hands, see a lot more flops, while getting to know the game.

Pot Limit

Don't let the word “limit” in Pot Limit fool you. You can still be all-in pre-flop in games using this betting format. Pot Limit simply means that players can only bet up to what's in the pot. Two or three pot-sized raises in a row and you could be all-in. The pots get huge and the drawing action is even larger! Pot Limit games like Omaha-Hi are known for big hands and bigger pots.

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