To say the fourth edition of the 888poker Super XL Series was a major success would be an understatement. Not only were the events huge, but the guaranteed prize pools were also shattered. In fact, all of the tournaments covered their guarantees by an average of 210%.

The just shy of $1.2M Main Event prize pool was the highest MTT prize pool ever on 888poker and 20% over the $1M guarantee. Not to be outdone, the Micro Main Event boasted 4,973 runners – another real money tournament record at 888. The total series prize pool of over $3.6M was the highest ever in an 888poker series event.

It was such a great success that 888poker management is already considering another series to be held later in 2016.

On Sunday, the 38-event series came to a head with the long-awaited $1,050 buy-in, $1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event.

It marked the second year in a row that the Main Event offered a seven-figure guarantee, which was surpassed as 1,180 players turned out to create a $1.18 million prize pool that was distributed to the top 153 finishers.

It took a lengthy 12 hours and 30 minutes for the tournament to reach its conclusion and, in the end, the Finland's "jnevanli" defeated UK's "carmen.1957" to win the title. However, the two had previously struck a deal that saw "jnevanli" lock up $182,6635, and "Carmen.1957" $168,532.

Still, the two opted to play it out for the title, and it ended with a bang. During the heads-up match, both players were deep, and it seemed things would last a while. But things quickly came to a head when "jnevanli" raised from the button with Qd-Jd. "Carmen.1957" called with Qh-8h.

The flop came down, Jc-8d-As. A continuation bet by "jnevanli" was met by a call from "Carmen.1957" with bottom pair. The turn saw a Kh and this time "jnevanli" faced a check-raise, which he called. With the river Ks, "Carmen.1957" pushed all-in and "jnevanli" made the nice call. "Carmen.1957" saw that their two pair of Kings and Eight's was pipped by the Kings and Jacks of "jnevanli".

Interestingly, "jnevanli" had another big score on Sunday when he won 888poker's first World Series of Poker Main Event qualifier of 2016, a package worth $13,000.

Final Table Results

1st jnevanli Finland $182,635*
2st Carmen.1957 UK $168'532*
3st Graftekkel Netherlands $112,100
4st deeepz Switzerland $82,128
5st Miccoli1904 Czech Republic $58,410
6st sC.R.E.A.M. Serbia $46,610
7st petitetete Canada $34,810
8st Ishmaei Costa Rica $23,010
9st Andryuxa85 Ukraine $12,980

*Denotes heads-up deal

While that Main Event was the headliner, there were others taking place on Sunday. Event #35: $160 Mini Main Event had a $150,000 guarantee, but that was surpassed when 1,613 players combined to create a $241,950 prize pool. That was distributed to the top 207 players, with Germany's "Kannwas" taking the most after winning the event for $40,865.35. It took him 9 hours and 31 minutes to do it, and he capped it off by besting Brazil's "AlmeidaCF" in heads-up play.

Meanwhile, the $15,000 guaranteed, $5 buy-in Micro Main Event drew 4,973 runners, and it took 7 hours and 52 minutes for Belarus' "ineedustack" to defeat Norway's "feskarn91" to win a $3,167.80 top prize.

As for the $20,000 guaranteed, $109 buy-in Turbo Main Event, 550 players took to the felt and created a $55,000 prize pool. In just 3 hours and 51 minutes, the tournament came to a close after Russia's "Nikas3274" bested the UK's "fishmobbadge" in heads-up play to win a $10,395 first-place prize.

There was also a $75 buy-in, $10,000 guaranteed Super Turbo Main Event, which attracted 275 players and created a $26,718 prize pool. That tournament finished in just 113 minutes, meaning an average of more than two players busted per minute. Poland's "rozkoszny7" won that event for $5,463.83.

It's also worth noting that Russia's "SamSaymon," who you may recall as the winner of the Super XL Series High Roller champ, finished fifth in the Turbo for $1,549.64, and also placed 28th in the $1,050 Main Event for $4,366. That was heralded by a runner-up finish in Event #33 $55 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo 6-Max for $2,685.15.

"_rudinhos_" Makes a Name for Himself in the 888poker XL Series

It was a heck of an 888poker XL Series for Poland's "_rudinhos_", who finished third in the aforementioned High Roller ($51,459). And then he won the $160 buy-in Turbo High Roller, which blew away expectations by attracting a field of 437 and creating a prize pool of $65,550 (obliterating the $25K guarantee). "_rudinhos_" took home $12,454.50 for the win.

He then went on to win Event #23: $44 Mini Quarterback, which allowed players to rebuy a quarter of their starting stack for only $10. The tournament was tagged with a $10,000 guarantee, but that was blown out of the water as 670 players accounted for 607 rebuys to create a $32,870 prize pool. "_rudinhos_" defeated the Czech Republic's "ZZagnuX" to capture the title, $6,163.12 in prize money, and solidify his status as an 888poker XL Series superstar.

To top it all off, "_rudinhos_" finished 20th in the Main Event, good for $4,956 in prize money.

Congratulations to "_rudinhos_" on a truly remarkable 888poker XL Series.

A Look Back at the 888poker 2016 Super XL Series

Firstly, the 2016 series, which featured 38 events that offered more than $3.6M in guaranteed prize money, broke records in the $160 buy-in Opening Event. Midway through, the $1,500 High Roller – the most expensive Super XL tournament to date – shattered the $300,000 guarantee by attracting 326 players and creating a $467,810 prize pool.

In regards to the Opening Event, Brazil's "thesecretvms" won that tournament for $60,145.29, while Russia's "SamSaymon" defeated Romania's "aSeHigh88" to win the High Roller title for $90,521.23. You can also read about highlights from the first half of the 888poker Super XL Series schedule by clicking here.

Meanwhile, here's a look at some of the highlights from the second half of the 888poker Super XL Series schedule:

  • The Czech Republics "Wilmy_x" topped a field of 519 players who accounted for 460 rebuys and 383 add-ons in Event #20: $55 No-Limit Hold'em R&A. The tournament featured a $20,000 guarantee, but that was more than tripled as the massive turnout created a $68,100 prize pool that was distributed to the top 519 players. Meanwhile, Romania's "blindh3at" won the Mini version for $2,373.46.
  • Event #22: $215 $50,000 Quarterback more than doubled its guarantee by attracting 482 players who had 444 rebuys to create a $118,600 prize pool. Russia's "PaTientZer0" took top honors to the tune of $22,534. The UK's "easylimp888" won the Turbo variant – which drew 349 players, 209 rebuys, and created a $40,125 prize pool – for a $7,764.18 top prize.
  • Event #25: $150 Knockout drew 349 players and created a $34,900 prize pool and $14,309 bounty prize pool, of which $6,753.15 went to eventual winner "dnvz23," who also collected $369 in bounties. Mexico's "dipandglide" won the same title in the Mini version -- which drew 702 players and created a $17,550 prize pool and $5,265 bounty prize pool – for $3,290.62 and $105 in bounties. Finally, Russia's "DallasKiller" captured the $2,689.17 top prize, and $260 in bounties, in the Turbo format, which drew 263 players and created a $13,150 prize pool and $5,260 in bounties.
  • Event #28: $109 Outback saw Finland's "CoconuTree" top a field of 121 players to capture a $2,783 top prize. Russia's "V.Balaev" was the last player standing in the Mini version, which attracted 403 players and more than doubled its guarantee by creating a $4,392.70 prize pool. As for the Turbo, Serbia's "guardatoma" outlasted 119 others for a $1,487.50 payday.
  • The Czech Republic's "Achileys34" won $13,530 by taking down Event #31: $160 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max, a tournament that drew 451 players and passed the $40,000 guarantee by creating a $67,650 prize pool. The Netherlands' "aadannaa" and the Czech Republic's "trujustrus" won the Mini and Turbo events for $3,861 and $3,685.50 respectively.

888poker thanks all those who participated in the 2016 Super XL Series. Stay tuned to see what more 888poker has to offer in the year to come!

Chad Holloway is a 2013 WSOP Bracelet winner who has previously worked for PokerNews as a managing editor and live reporter