On Sunday, November 28, the WPT DeepStacks kicked off on 888poker. The 28-event high-stakes online poker series runs through December 21 and offers more than $3 million in guaranteed prize pools.

The focal point of the series will be the $1,050 buy-in $1,000,000 GTD Main Event. Day 1s of the Main Event will run from December 5-20. Survivors of each returning for Day 2 at 19:00 GMT on Monday, December 20.

The winner of that tournament will not only walk away with a big payday, but they will also receive a WPT DeepStacks trophy. The champion from each tourney will win a trophy for their mantle!

Right now, we are hosting daily freerolls offering seats to the multi-flight Main Event satellites.

The no-ticket-needed daily freerolls will grant over $200,000 in satellite and sub-satellite tickets during the series.

Finland’s “Korpisoturi2” Wins Opening Event for $40,540

On Sunday, November 28, the series kicked off with the $525 buy-in Event #1: $200,000 Opening Event. The tournament attracted 293 players who rebought 66 times.

On Day 1, the field played down to the final table of nine, during which the money was made.

Among those to finish in the money by making the top 48 but falling short of the final table were the following players –

  • “IHaveNoBoss” (46th - $1,420)
  • “leblond1996” (37th - $1,420)
  • “Statham79” (28th - $1,460)
  • “wellyxx” (24th - $1,480)
  • “ReJuiceMe” (17th - $1,580)
  • Final table bubble boy “bahenvald” (10th - $2,380)

On Monday, the final table returned to play on a live stream. They would be competing for more than nearly $140,000, still remaining in the prize pool.

WPTDeepStacks Final Table

Denmark’s “JohanSchultz” began as the short stack. So, it was no surprise to see them fall first. Michael “HyperX.” Skeldon followed them out the door after jamming with queen-four from the small blind. He ran into “Korpisoturi2”, who woke up with pocket sevens in the big blind.

r4ndomr4gs” then exited in seventh place, running pocket jacks into both kings and queens. (The kings of “DosPoochies” held to win a nice pot.)

TOMASTID” had to settle for sixth place after their trey-four failed to overcome ace-seven in a blind-versus-blind all-in hand.

Korpisoturi2” scored another knockout by dispatching “okokok1893” in fifth place – the result of ace-seven holding against king-ten

Then “Gprovinz6” lost most of their chips, losing a flip with tens against ace-king. They bowed out in fourth place a few hands later.

Three-Way Down to WPTDS Opening Event Winner

With three players remaining, the action went like the following –

  • “Korpisoturi2” jammed the small blind with pocket threes.
  • Canada’s “DosPoochies”, a regular on 888poker, called off their last 12 big blinds with king-ten.
  • A three on the flop gave “Korpisoturi2” a set.
  • “DosPoochies” was eliminated in third place.

“Korpisoturi2” and “Tedson89” began heads-up play nearly even in chips. It proved to be a back-and-forth affair before things came to a head in Level 41 (70,000/140,000/17,500).

In what would be the final hand of the tournament, “Korpisoturi2” limped with the K♦6♣. He then called when “Tedson89” raised to 420,000 holding the A♠A♥.

Both players checked the 6♦J♥2♦ flop and “Tedson89” checked-called a bet on the 6♥ turn. “Korpisoturi2” jumped into the lead with trip sixes.

On the 9♥ river, “Tedson89” checked and then called off when “Korpisoturi2” moved in.

With that, the aces of “Tedson89” were cracked, and they had to settle for second place and $29,300 in prize money.

Event #1 Final Table Results

1st – “Korpisoturi2” (Finland) … $40,540

2nd – “Tedson89” (United Kingdom) … $29,300

3rd – “DosPoochies” (Canada) … $21,300

4th – “Gprovinz6” (Germany) … $15,420

5th – “okokok1893” (Malta) … $11,180

6th – “TOMASTID” (Romania) … $8,160

7th – “r4ndomr4gs” (Sweden) … $5,960

8th – Michael “HyperX.” Skeldon (United Kingdom) … $4,380

9th – “JohanSchultz” (Denmark) … $3,220

Finland’s “Korpisoturi2” Wins Opening Event for $40,540

Romania’s “Blahaj” Wins Mini Opening Event for $7,740

Also taking place on Sunday was the $55 buy-in Event #2: $50,000 Mini Opening Event, a tournament that saw 758 players rebuy 228 times.

The $50,000 prize pool went to the top 144 finishers, including the following -

  • “balamytkane” (48th - $155)
  • “JonnyJamz” (38th - $155)
  • “Marner499” (24th - $255)
  • “Lisa.1989” (16th - $335)
  • Final table bubble boy “craig555” (10th - $570)

After 7 hours and 52 minutes of play, Romania’s “Blahaj” bested Russia’s “kini2277” in heads-up play to win the title and $7,740 first-place prize.

Event #2 Final Table Results

1st – “Blahaj” (Romania) … $7,740

2nd – “kini2277” (Russia) … $5,645

3rd – “Rshrlol” (Malta) … $4,150

4th – “Tokugawa” (Sweden) … $3,075

5th – “MaxChe” (Russia) … $2,275

6th – “chacomqueijo” (Brazil) … $1,700

7th – “TienesMiedo” (Mexico) … $1,280

8th – “Beeth0ven” (Lithuania) … $970

9th – “histephing” (Ireland) … $740

What’s Coming Up

Every day of the WPTDS will feature at least two tournaments starting at 18:00 and 19:00 GMT, respectively.

Starting on December 5, a daily Main Event Day 1 flight will take place at 19:30 GMT.

Among the highlights on the schedule are the following events –

  • $525 buy-in Event #9: $200,000 PKO at 18:00 GMT on Sunday, December 5
  • $2,100 buy-in Event #11: $100,000 High Roller at 18:00 GMT on Tuesday, December 7
  • $888 buy-in Event #17: $200,000 Crazy 8 at 18:00 GMT on Sunday, December 12
  • $109 buy-in Event #25: $200,000 Big Shot 109 Main Event at 18:00 GMT on Sunday, December 19
  • $5,200 buy-in Event #27: $200,000 Super High Roller at 20:00 GMT on Sunday, December 19

Click here for more information on the WPT DeepStacks and to see the remaining schedule.

WPT DeepStacks Live Stream

WPT DeepStacks Live Stream

888poker will be pulling out the stops on our 888pokerTV Twitch channel, live streaming from the series, showing player hole cards!

We will live stream the final tables only of these five more exciting tournaments lined up for your viewing pleasure:

*Please note that the streams will be on delay with hole cards exposed.

  • Monday Dec 6 - 19:30 GMT - WPTDS #9 - $200,000 PKO
  • Wednesday Dec 8 - 19:30 GMT - WPTDS #11 - $100,000 High Roller
  • Monday Dec 13 - 19:30 GMT - WPTDS #17 - $200,000 Crazy 8 [8max]
  • Monday Dec 20 - 19:30 GMT - WPTDS #25 - $200,000 Big Shot 109 Main Event
  • Tuesday Dec 21 - 19:30 GMT - WPTDS #28 - $1,000,000 Main Event

The above five events will stop once they reach a final table.

Live stream coverage of the final tables will start the following day.