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Sean Chaffin

Poker Chip Tricks

7 Amazing Poker Chip Tricks

1. The Riffle
2. The Chip Twirl
3. The Knuckle Roll
4. The Chip Roll
5. The Spin and Bounce
6. Chip Fanning
7. The Vanishing Chip

The Riffle

Walk into any major tournament and the sound is a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the game. That sound isn’t a swarm of crickets all chirping at once.

The Chip Twirl

A common trick in which a player uses one hand to manipulate three chips. With all three chips together on top of each other, the player separates middle chips out in his other fingers.

The Knuckle Roll

In this trick, the player manipulates one chip so that it flips across each knuckle on the top of the player’s hand like a wave slowly moving across a body of water.

The Chip Roll

This move may seem easy, merely rolling a few chips from one hand to the other, but it actually requires some practice and skill to make it happen. 

The Spin and Bounce

The trick involves holding chips between the fingers and thumb, and forcing one to spin out in the air, hit the table with some backspin, and bounce right back into the same hand. 

Chip Fanning

The first section of this video may not be necessarily a traditional chip trick but shows how nimble fingers can do some exciting things with chips.

The Vanishing Chip

Perhaps you’re not quite making opponents’ chips disappear, but this is a way to at least make one of your own vanish and, hopefully, impress a few friends. 

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