How to Play Pocket Kings the Right Way

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What Are Pocket Kings Called?

Poker players sometimes use nicknames to refer to specific hands. The most popular nickname for Pocket Kings is “Cowboys”

Why are Pocket Kings Called “Cowboys”?

A “King” in a deck of cards is referred to as a “cowboy” (just as “deuce” is sometimes used interchangeably with a 2)

Pocket Aces vs Kings

Aces vs Kings is a classic poker hand matchup that is also one of the most common coolers in the game.

Pocket Kings vs Ace Queen

The preflop equities stay pretty close to the same to that above vs AK. The KK now wins slightly more often at 71% vs the AQ.

How to Play Pocket Kings Preflop

In general, Pockets Kings is a hand that shouldn’t be slowplayed preflop. As such, you should usually be raising with this hand

Pocket Kings: All-in

If an opportunity presents itself where you can get Pocket Kings all-in preflop, this situation is golden.

When To Fold Pocket Kings?

For many players, Pocket Kings can be a tough hand to let go of and fold when the correct scenario calls for it.

Pocket Aces Over Kings

AA vs KK is going to be one of the most common coolers that happen in poker, and it’s an inevitable part of the game.

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