On Thursday, the 2020 XL Inferno kick off on 888poker. It was an action-packed day as the first three tournaments on the 34-event schedule played out.

The series, which runs for 11 days and features more than $1.5 million in guarantees, catered to 3,869 entrants, and awarded $152,090 in prize money on the opening day.

Three Main Events with Four Events Streamed!

Remember, the series will culminate on Sunday, May 24, which is when not one, not two, but THREE Main Events will play out! At 17:00, the $250 buy-in Main Event will kick off and offers up a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Thirty minutes later at 17:30, the $33 buy-in, $50K GTD Mini Main Event will take place, while the $5.50 buy-in, $20K GTD Micro Main Event will close out the day at 18:00.

David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall offering commentary and entertainment

The big Main Event will be live streamed on our YouTube channel and Facebook page with David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall offering commentary and entertainment. You can also expect several 888poker Ambassadors to jump on air to offer some analysis.

In addition, both Event #10: $150K Tune Up and Event #17: $100K High Roller will also be live streamed.

Finally, if you want to get in on the action, remember that new depositors will receive a ticket into Main Event Qualifiers running daily.

Here’s a look at the highlights from first day of the 2020 XL Inferno.

Sweden’s “MorayEEEEEL” Wins Opening Event

Sweden’s “MorayEEEEEL” Wins Opening Event

The highlight event on the first day of the 2020 XL Inferno was the $109 buy-in Event #1: $75,000 Opening Event, which surpassed it guarantee by drawing 636 players who rebought 242 times. That resulted in an $87,800 prize pool that was reserved for the top 81 players, and the tournament ended after 9 hours and 29 minutes of play.

Among the players to cash were “Kroat.” (61st - $298.52), “EyeofSkadi” (49th - $324.86), “tikkapekka” (34th - $395.10), 888poker Ambassador Sofia “sofialovgren” Lovgren (22nd - $482.90), and Dara “Doked” O’Kearney (21st - $482.90).

O’Kearny busted in Level 31 (35,000/70,000/8,750) when he raised all but one of his chips from the hijack and then called off when “Poelsetyv” re-raised from the big blind. It was a flip with O’Kearney holding the 5♦5♣ against the A♠Q♣ of “Poelsetyv.” The board ran out J♠3♦A♥10♠9♥ and that was all she wrote for O’Kearney.

Others to finish in the money were “Mandacam21” (13th - $834.10), “keybr” (7th - $2,853.50), and “AUTISPOSTI” (4th - $6,672.80), just to name a few.

After Lithuania’s “Knaber666” bowed out in third place for $8,867.80, the title came down to Romania’s “noneda” and Sweden’s “MorayEEEEEL.”

XL Inferno Event #1 Final Table Results

In the defining hand of the heads-up match, it was Level 43 (300,000/600,000/75,000) when “noneda” raised to 1.2 million and “MorayEEEEEL” re-raised all in for just over 21.3 million. A call was made, and it was off to the races as “noneda” held the A♠9♠ against the 6♦6♥ of “MorayEEEEEL.” The 4♣A♣2♥ flop gave “noneda” to pair and the lead, while the 8♦ turn put him one card away from winning the tournament. Unfortunately for him, the 6♣ spiked on the river to give “MorayEEEEEL” a set and the double.

In the very next hand, “noneda” lost the remainder of their short stack when their jack high failed to overcome the queen high of “MorayEEEEEL,” who found a bit of redemption after finishing third in last year’s XL Inferno Event #3: $20,000 Late Opening Event.

Event #1 Final Table Results

1st – “MorayEEEEEL” (Sweden) … $16,585.42

2nd – “noneda” (Romania) … $12,028.60

3rd – “Knaber666” (Lithuania) … $8,867.80

4th – “AUTISPOSTI” (Malta) … $6,672.80

5th – “AALUJAA” (UK) … $4,688.52

6th – “ilicinnnnn” (Romania) … $3,731.50

7th – “keybr” (Brazil) … $2,853.50

8th – “DoctorPoker5” (North Macedonia) … $1,975.50

9th – “Poelsetyv” (Denmark) … $1,317

XL Inferno Day 1 - Mini Opening Event

The second event to finish on the first day was the $16.50 buy-in Event #2: $25,000 Mini Opening Event, which drew 1,757 players who rebought 679 times to create a $36,540 prize pool. The top 27 made the money, and some of those to make deep runs were “Mr_Coyote” (34th - $120.58), “Nugget159” (18th - $164.43), “Kaloryfer147” (9th - $394.63), and “IngeniousIY” (3rd - $3,361.68).

It took nine hours for the tournament to crown a winner, and that player was Argentina’s “blachu3232,” who won $6,172.39 for the victory. As a result, Russia’s “Sprutto” had to settle for second place and a $4,392.10 consolation prize.

XL Inferno Event #2 Final Table Results

Event #2 Final Table Results

1st – “blachu3232” (Argentina) … $6,172.39

2nd – “Sprutto” (Russia) … $4,392.10

3rd – “IngeniouslY (Denmark) … $3,361.68

4th – “LeandroOC” (Brazil) … $2,375.10

5th – “kricavvz” (Russia) … $1,735.65

6th – “Evgen32” (Latvia) … $1,388.52

7th – “eraldi1808” (Albania) … $1,041.39

8th – “Die2hard…” (Germany) … $694.26

9th – “Kaloryfer147” (Germany) … $394.63

XL Inferno Day 1 - Late Opening Event

Finally, the last tournament of the day was the $55 buy-in Event #3: $20,000 Late Opening Event, which attracted 405 players who rebought 150 times to create a $27,750 prize pool. The top 54 got paid including “KellerA” (25th - $194.25), “Doked” (21st - $194.25), “KToFTW” (11th - $360.75), and “Indian_Fish_” (3rd - $2,913.75).

After more than seven hours of play, Canada’s “tightlikea_v” bested Russia’s “Marflon” in heads-up play to win the title for $5,325.29.

XL Inferno Event #3 Final Table Results

Event #3 Final Table Results

1st – “tightlikea_v” (Canada) … $5,325.29

2nd – “Marflon” (Russia) … $3,954.37

3rd – “Indian_Fish_” (India) … $2,913.75

4th – “hendo10” (UK) … $2,220

5th – “Redsky1308” (Panama) … $1,554

6th – “baozinqpoker” (Brazil) … $1,179.37

7th – “Castanha20” (Brazil) … $901.87

8th – “drinho87” (Brazil) … $624.37

9th – “THEKIDM8” (Ireland) … $460.65

What to Expect on 2020 XL Inferno Schedule

With at least $45,000 in guaranteed prize pools every day of the festival, there are still plenty of great events coming up in the 2020 XL Inferno.

Among the highlights on the schedule are –

  • $109 buy-in, $150K GTD Event #10: Tune Up on Sunday, May 17
  • $320 buy-in, $100K GTD Event #17: High Roller on Tuesday, May 19
  • $250 buy-in, $500K GTD Main Event on Sunday, May 24

Check out the full XL Inferno Schedule here:



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