This past Sunday was a special one on 888poker as we hosted our famous “Sunday Sale” promotion, which offered 50% off buy-ins for three of our most popular tournaments:

  • $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep - $55 instead of $109.
  • $20,000 Sunday Sale Whale - $160 instead of $320
  • $15,000 Sunday Sale Monsoon - $27.50 instead of $55

The $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep was featured on a live stream, which was hosted by 888poker premier commentators David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall, who were also joined by several 888poker Ambassadors as guests on the stream.

Not only were poker fans able to enjoy watching edge-of-your-seat poker action, but they were able to participate in giveaways throughout the broadcast.

All told, the three “Sunday Sale” tournaments, which all surpassed their guarantees, catered to 3,527 combined entrants, and awarded $173,950 in prize money.

“Boifx18” Turns $55 into $18K in Mega Deep

The $55 buy-in Sunday Sale Mega Deep snuck past its $100,000 guarantee by attracting 1,543 players who re-bought 583 times. The 2,126-entry field resulted in a $106,300 prize pool that was paid out amongst the top 207 finishers including “ZDamian” (141st - $148.82), “Avskedad” (102nd - $191.34), “ChipsFool” (64th - $233.86), “Nordynordbrg” (33rd - $350.79), “TrollKonst8” (14th - $690.95), and “jjonny77” (12th - $892.92).

The UK’s “jjonny77” barely missed out on the final table after busting in the 125,000/250,000/32,500 level when he moved all-in for 3,045,876 from the cutoff and was called by Lithuania’s “Miroslavas.”

The former held the K♦J♦ but was in dire straits against the A♥K♣ of the latter. The board ran out 4♠A♦4♣5♥9♥ and “jjonny77” was drawing dead by the turn.

Sinda Sale The former held the K♦J♦ but was in dire straits against the A♥K♣ of the latter.

A few hands later, “DiCarpi0” moved all-in for 1,265,551 under the gun and Malta’s “Imsopoor_” called next to act. The other three players at the table folded and “DiCarpi0” discovered the bad news as his opponent’s A J dominated his A♥5♦.

The 3♥6♣6♠ flop put out some chop options, while the 5♥ turn gave “DiCarpi0” the lead. Unfortunately for him, it was short-lived as the J♠ spiked on the river to give “Imsopoor_” the win and send “DiCarpi0” home 11th place for $892.92.

Cashing at the final table were “CheekyBeaver” (7th - $3,029.55), and “Miroslavas28” (3rd - $9,779.60), but after 10 hours and 34 minutes of play, it was “Boifx18” besting Canada’s “” in heads-up play to win the title and $17,954.07 first-place prize.

Not too shabby for a modest $55 buy-in.

Sunday Sale Mega Deep Final Table

Sunday Sale Mega Deep Final Table

1st“Boifx18” (N/A) … $17,954.07

2nd“” (Canada) … $12,777.26

3rd“Miroslavas28” (Lithuania) … $9,779.60

4th“rf1008” (Brazil) … $6,909.50

5th“Kazi070486” (Russia) … $5,049.25

6th“elsabagaboan” (Romania) … $4,039.40

7th“CheekyBeaver” (Estonia) … $3,029.55

8th“Yerevan91” (Armenia) … $2,019.70

9th“Imsopoor_” (Malta) … $1,148.04

Sunday Sale Whale Nearly Doubles Guarantee

The $160 buy-in Sunday Sale Whale nearly doubled its $20,000 guarantee by drawing 207 players who rebought 54 times. That resulted in a $39,150 prize pool that was paid out to the top 27 finishers including 888poker Ambassador Dominik “888Dominik” Nitsche (21st - $391.50), Ian “Simpioni” Simpson (13th - $587.25), “NakedNaked” (9th - $783), “GarbinaD” (6th - $1,957.50), and “MrCoals” (4th - $3,425.62).

After “9salute46” bowed out in third place for $4,600.12, the title came down to “DubaiPrince4” and Malta’s “catpg.” It took 7 hours and 21 minutes of play, but eventually the latter prevailed in the heads-up match to win the title and $8,417.29 top prize.

Sunday Sale Whale Final Table

Sunday Sale Whale Final Table

1st – “catpg” (Malta) … $8,417.29

2nd – “DubaiPrince4” (N/A) … $6,068.25

3rd – “9salute46” (N/A) … $4,600.12

4th – “MrCoals” (UK) … $3,425.62

5th – “RichFish1954” (Mexico) … $2,349

6th – “GarbinaD” (Malta) … $1,957.50

7th – “petersmyth” (UK) … $1,566

8th – “pro100plr” (Austria) … $1,174.50

9th – “NakedNaked” (Ukraine) … $783

Brazil’s “tnevs_” Weathers Monsoon to Win Big

The $27.50 buy-in Sunday Sale Monsoon featured a $15,000 guarantee, and it was crushed as 868 players rebought 272 times to create a $28,500 prize pool.

The top 117 finishers earned a payday after “Danzozaw” bubbled the tournament and included “Pandapoker” (71st - $76.95), “chillimonsta” (55th - $82.65), “MrRatting” (35th - $116.85), “Cundari” (20th - $131.10), “CrashCow” (11th - $299.25), “Qwumpta” (5th - $1,436.40), and “BDunphy” (3rd - $2,764.50).

After 9 hours and 45 minutes, it was Brazil’s “tnevs_” defeating Germany’s “7ieben7” in heads-up play to win the tournament for $5,130.

Sunday Sale Monsoon Final Table

Sunday Sale Monsoon Final Table

1st – “tnevs_” (Brazil) … $5,130

2nd – “7ieben7” (Germany) … $3,705

3rd – “BDunphy” (Ireland) … $2,764.50

4th – “LilKilster” (Ireland) … $2,066.25

5th – “Qwumpta” (UK) … $1,436.40

6th – “funsukwangdu” (India) … $1,151.40

7th – “p1n1she45” (Mexico) … $866.40

8th – “tgrs20” (Brazil) … $584.25

9th – “silverde1” (Canada) … $356.25

About the Author
Chad Holloway is a 2013 WSOP Bracelet winner who has previously worked for PokerNews as a managing editor and live reporter
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