This year’s 888poker 8-Team Competition is officially in the books, and we’d like to congratulate Team UK on their victory. As a result of earning the most points over five days in the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event, team captain and 888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman, wingman Niall Farrell, and online qualifier Billy Chattaway have all won packages to the 2019 WSOP Main Event!

Day 1C of the 2018 WSOP Main Event kicked off the 8-Team Competition with 21 participants from seven different countries. Each team was comprised of a captain, wingman and an online qualifier.

Players earned points by surviving each day of the Main Event along with a bonus for the player that finished as the chip leader each day. In addition, the last team qualifier standing – who was Brazil’s Pedro Correa, who took 356th in the Main Event for $33,305 – won a 100-point bonus for their team.

Final Standings

Place | Team | Total Points

1st | Team United Kingdom | 400

2nd | Team Brazil | 260

3rd | Team Russia | 260

4th | Team Spain | 50

5th | Team Canada | 40

6th | Team Germany | 30

7th | Team Sweden | 30

Opening Flight Action

All 8-Teamers managed to bag on Day 1C of the tournament except Team UK wingman Niall Farrell and Team Canada qualifier Jonathan Schaler.

In one hand caught in the live updates, in Level 4 (200/400/50), Farrell shoved his last 6,225 from middle position holding the A♠5♠ and a player called with the K♥Q♦.

"I need this one," he said. “Ooooh, I'm ahead! Oh, [saying] that was bad. Now I'm out.”

The 8♦3♦9♦ flop gave his opponent a flush draw, but the running 6♣ turn and 6♥ river were safe.

"Oh my god, no f****** way!" Farrell exclaimed after the win. Unfortunately, he was unable to spin it up and busted soon thereafter.

While Team UK lost a player, at least qualifier Billy Chattaway bagged up 110,900 to earn a 30-point chip lead bonus for his team to give them the early lead.

Day 2C Highlights

8-Team Russia had all 3 members make it to Day 3

On Day 2C of the WSOP Main Event, 19 competitors returned to the felt, but after five levels of play, just nine remained. Among those to fall were the entire Team Sweden (Martin Jacobson, Anton Wigg and Pontus Anderberg) and Germany (Dominik Nitsche, Andre Krieger and Claas Segebrecht). Others to exit were Team Brazil captain Vivian “Vivi” Saliba, Team Canada wingman Mike Leah, and two members of Team Spain - Fernando Pons (wingman) and Javier Llorente (qualifier).

One player who survived the day was 2017 WSOP Europe champ and Team Spain captain, Marti Roca de Torres. One of his big hands took place in Level 7 (400/800/100) on an A♣Q♥5♠ flop when Miles Kang check-called a bet from Roca de Torres. On the 4♦ turn, Kang check-called 3,800 and then checked for the third time on the 9♦ river.

Roca de Torres jammed, and Kang called off for 11,500. Roca de Torres tabled the A♥J♣, and Kang simply mucked.

“Today was a tough day, tough table at the beginning,” Roca de Torres said. “I was just trying to increase my stack with small pots, but when I was around 90K, I lost a big pot against a very good player. Lucky for me, I went from 25K up to 100K for tomorrow. I’m happy right now because for a moment I was thinking I wasn’t going to make it.”

At the end of Day 2C, Team Russia was the only team with all three members remaining.

Day 3 Action

Five more players hit the rail on Day 3 including 888poker Team Canada captain, Parker “Tonka” Talbot, who began the day on a short stack. His final hand came in Level 11 (1,000/2,000/300) when he limped from middle position holding the Q♠J♦ and David Gerassi did the same on the button with the A♥J♣.

The players in the blinds called, and the action checked to Gerrassi on the 8♣J♥10♥ flop. He bet 5,000, both blinds folded, and Talbot check-raised all-in. Gerrassi called and scored the elimination thanks to his kicker after the 6♥ was run out on the turn followed by the J♦ on the river.

Chris Moorman, Arseniy Karmatsky, Billy Chattaway and Pedro Correa were the only players remaining at bag-and-tag. Moorman scored the chip leader bonus for bagging the biggest stack among them.

Day 4 Action

The field was cut in half on Sunday as both Chattaway and Correa took their leave. Regarding the Team UK qualifier, he took a big hit in Level 17 (4,000/8,000/1,000). The flop read 5♦8♦10♦ when Tomas Kubaliak and Chattaway got it in with the former holding the A♥10♥ and the latter the A♦Q♠.

Chattaway was looking for a diamond or a queen, but he was left wanting as the 3♥ bricked the turn followed by the A♠ on the river. Chattaway was left with 15 bigs but busted a short time later.

“It was a testing day mentally, to be honest,” Moorman, who claimed the chip leader bonus for the second day in a row, said after play concluded. “I never really had any hands, just grinding and staying around the same chip stack. I began with 969,000 and went up a little then down. Now I’m in the 35 big blind territory. Ideally, both Arseniy and I go deep and make the final table, but it’d be nice to win the 8-Team as well.”

Day 5 Action

Team UK Wins 2018 WSOP Main Event 8-Team Contest

Moorman proved to be the competition’s MVP as he finished as the chip leader among the surviving players on both Days 3 and 4 to earn big bonuses for his team. He had his team way out in front, but Karmatskiy kept Team Russia drawing live.

Moorman fell in Level 21 (10,000/20,000/3,000) after Hari Bercovici opened with a raise. Moorman called from the button with the A♦10♦, and Pierre Gentil came along from the small blind with the 10♣9♣.

The 10♠3♦9♥ flop saw Gentil check and Bercovici continue for 175,000. Moorman the jammed his last 530,000 with top pair, and then Gentil check-raised all-in over the top for 1,240,000.

Bercovici folded, and Moorman failed to get lucky as the J♣ bricked on the turn followed by the 6♣ on the river. Moorman exited in 273rd place for $42,980.

That opened the door for Karmatskiy, but he soon found it slammed shut.

In Level 22 (12,000/24,000/4,000), Karmatskiy moved all-in for 345,000 from middle position with the A♣K♥, and Gentil called from the cutoff. Randall Lack, who was on the button, then three-bet to 650,000 with the Q♥Q♣ and Gentil got out of the way. The board ran out 9♥J♣8♥7♦3♥, and Karmatskiy became the last 8-Teamer to bust, taking home $42,980 for finishing in 268th place.

8-Teamers Who Cashed 2018 WSOP Main Event

Arseniy Karmatskiy - 268th place for $42,980
Chris Moorman - 273rd place for $42,980
Pedro Correa - 356th place for $33,305
Billy Chattaway - 652nd place for $21,750

About the Author
Chad Holloway is a 2013 WSOP Bracelet winner who has previously worked for PokerNews as a managing editor and live reporter
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