The New Year is fast approaching, and as is our annual tradition that means it is time for us to simultaneously take a look back at the year that was while looking ahead to the year to come.

We caught up with 888poker Ambassadors Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman, Kara Scott, Daria Feshchenko, Vivian “Vivi” Saliba, Martin Jacobson, Ana Marquez, and Sofia Lovgren to get their thoughts on 2019 and what they have planned for 2020.

How do you feel you fared on your 2019 resolutions/ goals?

Kara Scott: I knew 2019 was going to be intense, what with moving to a new country, having a young family and starting back to work, so I mostly just wanted to survive. Turns out, 2019 ended up being awesome. 

Vivi Saliba: I would say that in general I reached most of my goals for this year. I could organize my personal life, having finally moved to my new home and also had my best professional year so far.

Chris Moorman: I feel like the first few months of the year I really struggled to execute what I always aim to do which is to enjoy the game and not care too deeply about results as long as I am playing well. I am pleased that I managed to turn it around shortly before the World Series of Poker though and continue to achieve those goals for the rest of the year.

Chris Moorman 2020

Daria Feshchenko: I am satisfied of this year. I spent two previous years playing live, but my 2019 goal was to concentrate on online and theoretical work on the game. I feel that I improved my skill a lot and I can say that I am pretty proud that I feel comfortable at no-limit hold’em $1k level.

Martin Jacobson: I feel like I did pretty well. The upside of not setting monetary goals is that even though I had one of the worst years of my career I'm still satisfied with the amount of work I put in both on and off the felt.

Ana Marquez: I actually accomplished most of my goals, so I am quite happy and excited to accomplish the ones for 2020.

Sofia Lövgren: I actually managed most of my goals. I had better discipline in 2019 compared to 2018. I think it is better writing three-month goals rather than yearly goals, because then you don’t wait until the end of the year doing it. Try it, it is really effective! But I need to open some books. Now I have them with me on every flight and trip, and I plan to read many fun books in 2020. I love to devour a bestseller!

Dominik Nitsche: As I didn't set any real resolutions, I'm not disappointed. Poker could have gone a bit better but that's the game. I'm happy we finally launched DTOPoker this year as that was the main goal, we had going into 2019.

What was a professional high point for you from 2019?

Kara Scott: Going back to the WSOP broadcast for ESPN and Poker Central after a year away was fantastic. That is always such a highlight of my year and I love seeing all the people I work with. It's an incredible team.

​​​​Kara Scott

Daria Feshchenko: Of course, start work as an 888poker Ambassador! It is cool and honourable to be a part of big international company and have opportunity to do something useful for the industry.

Dominik Nitsche: It's been a year of near misses at the poker table. I've sadly had a few instances of having the chip lead to bust just shy of the money in more than one $100k or bigger buy in. On the upside, launching DTOPoker has been exceptional. I've had a lot of fun getting that product of the ground.

Vivi Saliba: Finishing in fourth place in the WSOP Crazy 8’s tournament this year in Las Vegas. It was the closest I’ve ever got to winning a bracelet and also my biggest cash.

Sofia Lövgren: I had better discipline in work compared to the year before. I think this was thanks to the fact that I set up three-month goals instead of yearly goals. I will continue to do this in 2020.

Sofia Lövgren

Chris Moorman: Winning a tournament at the Wynn near the end of the WSOP was a high point for me. I’d had many cashes during the summer but was still stuck money so to stay strong and finish up the grind with a victory felt really rewarding.

Ana Marquez: Vegas this year was amazing. I didn’t play that many tournaments and the ones I did run deep were very nice cashes.

Martin Jacobson: My professional highlight comes from knowing how much my game has improved and that my motivation and love for the game has never been higher.

What was a personal high point for you from 2019?

Martin Jacobson: I had an “Aha” moment where I realised what I'm going to do next. It was very exciting for me and gave me a lot of drive and ambition. I won't disclose what it is though.

Kara Scott: 888poker LIVE Barcelona was my first poker event after a long time away from the tables, and it felt fantastic to win a side event!

Dominik Nitsche: I went to Japan for 10 days post launch of our app. Spent a few days in Tokyo and Kyoto eating some of the best food in the world. Felt like a well-earned break.

Daria Feshchenko: For me, the brightest moments are associated with my favourite men. My son started school. It is very important and exciting huge chapter in his life. And I met my wonderful boyfriend who makes me very happy️.

Daria Feshchenko

Vivi Saliba: I’ve been traveling the world playing cards for the last five years. It is something amazing, but not having a base has its downside. I’ve finally got my own space in Europe, which is great in terms of flying to 888poker Live stops, and I was able to bring my little dog from Brazil to live with me.

Chris Moorman: Getting to see my sisters baby grow up and develop her personality. It’s a really cool feeling being an uncle and I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow and mature over the years.

Do you have any goals/resolutions for your personal life in 2020?

Vivi Saliba: I hope I can keep working on myself and improve as a person. Living a healthy lifestyle is a constant challenge to me, hopefully next year I’ll be able to work on this as well.

Dominik Nitsche: Same as last year. I'm happy to just keep doing what I've been doing. I'm going to take it a bit easier when it comes to playing SHR events as I want to travel a bit less.

Chris Moorman: Just to maintain healthy relationships with the closest people to me and make more effort to be there for them when they need me.

Ana Marquez: Definitely, besides financial and professional goals, I have a couple of personal resolutions to keep improving myself.

Ana Marquez

Kara Scott: In 2020, I'm hoping to become much more fluent in Italian and settle into our new home here in Italy. I'm also hoping to find time to start writing more again.

Martin Jacobson: Just keep doing what I am doing. Work hard, travel the world and play a lot of poker!

Daria Feshchenko: In Russia we say: “Wait and see.” You plant the seeds and watch them grow. I think, I already have good foundation in my life, so I only wish these things to develop

Who from Team 888 do you think will have the best 2020, and why?

Kara Scott: I feel like Moorman is going to crush again in 2020. His poker chops are never in question and he seems to be in a really good place right now. It's the recipe for a banner year.

Daria Feshchenko: I hope that all of us in our own way!

Martin Jacobson: I would like to say myself because I only know how hard I'm working to get better and the amount of volume I put in. I hope we all crush 2020 though.

Martin Jacobson

Vivi Saliba: I think Ana will have an exceptional year in 2020. She is an amazing player and this year after getting so close of very important titles, I think she will go with full power next year.

Dominik Nitsche: I'll just have to say myself. Even though I plan on taking it a little bit easier I'm still going to be at most of the big events this year. Also, I really want to win bracelet No. 5 and I'm thinking I'll head out for the full summer again this year.

Chris Moorman: Me, because I feel like I’m due in the WSOP Main!

Ana Marquez: Tough to say, we are all really motivated and crushing.

Sofia Lövgren: I think Vivian will have a good year 2020. She got really close to winning a bracelet in WSOP 2019. She is a hard worker and she deserves a big title!

If you could have one dream come true in 2020, be is personal or poker-related, what would it be, and why?

Kara Scott: I'd love to get back to Canada to see my folks twice. Once would be fantastic but twice would be dream territory.

Daria Feshchenko: I’m sorry, but dreams must stay secret!

Vivi Saliba: I would like to have my best professional year ever.

Martin Jacobson: Online Poker to become legalised globally again.

Ana Marquez: Win the WSOP Main Event!

Sofia Lövgren: I want to win my first bracelet! They are so glittery and beautiful.

Chris Moorman: To win the WSOP Main Event as there is no greater feeling possible in the game.

Dominik Nitsche: Poker wise the obligatory answer would be worldwide regulation and acceptance of the game. Online poker would grow massively if we were able to compete against anyone at any time.

Dominik Nitsche

Make one wild prediction for 2020, be it for yourself, someone else, poker in general, etc.

Kara Scott: Two of the big global companies - Facebook, Google, Amazon - will merge and take over the world, SkyNet style!

Daria Feshchenko: I hope these predictions are not wild, it is more like the goals. I want to crush NL $5k. And my prediction for poker in general... more big scores from female players. Time to girl power!

Vivi Saliba: Two of the 888poker Ambassadors will win WSOP bracelets.

Vivi Saliba

Martin Jacobson: I will be the first two-time Main Event champ.

Ana Marquez: Have the whole team in one of our 888poker LIVE Main Events make the final table.

Dominik Nitsche: The WSOP Main Event will be the biggest of all time. Also, the person who wins the tournament will have DTOPoker installed on their phone.

Chris Moorman: My wife, Katie, will beat me heads up in a live tournament as she takes no prisoners and would want to beat me so badly.

What are your resolutions for 2020? Let us know on Twitter @888poker.

About the Author
Chad Holloway is a 2013 WSOP Bracelet winner who has previously worked for PokerNews as a managing editor and live reporter
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