Our immensely popular lottery-style sit and go game called BLAST Poker has paid out big in recent days. The top two prize pools have been hit in the last eight days, shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to players on the site in just over a week.

The $150,000 & $300,000 Jackpots are HIT!

On August 28, 888poker player 'lepeno78' hit it big in a $15 BLAST Poker game. After signing up, he was undoubtedly over the moon to see that he'd be playing for the top prize available, a $150,000 prize pool and a $90,000 top payout.

"I felt very happy that I won the jackpot and have no particular plans to celebrate. But I will definitely travel when I can, and if possible travel to play in poker tournaments," 'lepeno78' said. "My tip when playing is to be patient and observant."

'lepeno78', who regularly plays poker online at 888poker and calls Switzerland home, beat out Australia's 'anznurse4u' heads-up for the $90,000 top prize. The tournament took just nine minutes to finish, giving 'lepeno78' an amazing $600,000 hourly rate, virtually unheard of in the real world. Third place and fourth place in the $15 BLAST game each walked away with $15,000.

On September 3, another top prize pool was hit at a BLAST Poker table. '723bluebell' entered a $30 BLAST game, but little did he know that his $30 buy-in would quickly turn into a shot at a $180,000 top prize in a $300,000 purse.

That $30 BLAST game took just 12 minutes to complete, giving '723bluebell' a $900,000 hourly rate. He defeated Germany's 'Fekisen' heads-up to nab $180,000, with the runner-up getting $60,000. Third place and fourth place in the $30 BLAST game each walked away with $30,000.

In 2x and 5x BLAST games, the all-in timer begins after the end of level 3, ensuring that the tournament is over quickly, and players can enter new poker games with the hopes of hitting the top prize pool. In 10x games, the all-in timer begins after level 4, while in 100x games, it's after level 5. In 1,000 and 10,000 games like our recent winners played, the all-in stage does not commence until after level 6.

Blasting Through Records

BLAST Poker is a four-handed super turbo sit and go. To add suspense, the sit and go's prize pool is a mystery until the game begins. It's determined randomly and can be anywhere between 2x and 10,000x the buy-in. Being able to play for up to 10,000 times your buy-in means the chance of a big payday, which is why the game is so popular with the legions of our players.

BLAST sit and go's come in buy-ins of 10 cents ($1,000 top prize pool), $1 ($10,000 top prize pool), $5 ($50,000 top prize pool), $15 ($150,000 top prize pool), and $30 ($300,000 top prize pool). There's a BLAST buy-in for all bankrolls.

Once the game begins, the BLAST timer starts counting down. When it hits zero, all players automatically go all-in until there's a single winner. The higher the prize pool multiplier, the longer the timer, giving players more time to duke it out for life-changing money.

And, in BLAST Poker, the blinds go up super quick - every two minutes, so players can fire up plenty of BLAST games in order to get a shot at the top paydays. They've become a massive hit with our recreational players ever since they were introduced in July of this year.

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