The most iconic poker images have been given a new “leash” on life! In celebration of the 49th annual World Series of Poker, 888poker has recreated a group of images based on the series of paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, collectively referred to as “Dogs Playing Poker”.

The almost humanlike expressions on the faces of a Jackapoo, Golden retriever, Staffordshire bull terrier and Rottweiler are bound to have poker players howling with laughter.

Check out the desperate attempt to look un-interested by the Golden retriever – you’d be barking mad to call that bet. Definitely, “Paws” full to us! And, the Staffordshire bull terrier looks like he’s about to have kittens if you make that call!  (They’re usually bluffing with nothing – anyway.)

So, while the players at the 2018 WSOP are sniffing out the competition, we’d like to wish them all the “rungood” and non-dog hands in the world.

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Dog playing pokerDog playing poker 2Dog playing poker 3Dog playing poker 4


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