Three High Roller Title Awarded on Day 3 of 2017 XL Inferno Championship

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11 events were held on Day 3 of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships.That also means there was a baker’s dozen worth of new winners, each of whom locked up a seat in the XL Inferno Champion of Champions. Thus far, 40 seats have been awarded for that event.

Amongst the Day 3 highlights were “anteen” becoming the XL Inferno’s first two-time champ, as well as title wins by Pedro “gusma” Madeira, Conor “GodfryJONES” O’Driscoll, and Kurt “GiNgErSpEw” Fitzgerald.

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Day 1 - 16 tournaments finish and award $1,177,180.75 in prize money

Day 2 – 13 titles awarded; “V.BlomFan60” wins Event #20 Crocodile

Sweden’s “anteen” XL Inferno’s First Two-Time Winner

On the opening day of the XL Inferno, Sweden’s “anteen” topped a field of 334 players to win Event #10 $200,000 Whale for $38,700. On Day 3, he won even more by besting a 222-player field in Event #36 $500,000 High Roller, good for $116,974 and his second title of the series.

Fellow Swede Daniel “R1valdo10” Erlandsson was also at the final table. Erlandsson, who has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, is well known both online and live. Regarding the latter, he has $503,476 in live tournament earnings including a career-best $105,587 for winning the 2012 Poker-SM Swedish Poker Championship – an event 888poker has sponsored recently for the 2nd consecutive year..

Also at the final table was the UK’s Sr.Penes,” who on Day 2 final tabled Event #20 $20,000 Crocodile. He ultimately finished ninth in that event and improved upon it in the High Roller by placing fifth for $33,176.

Final Table Results    
1 "anteen" (Sweden) $116,974
2 "Kannwas" (Germany) $85,800
3 Daniel "R1valdo10" Erlandsson (Sweden) $64,636
4 "diosmono69" (Uruguay) $48,620
5 "Sr.Penes" (UK) $33,176
6 "grandepike" (Canada) $25,740
7 "cocadas" (UK) $20,020
8 "peterpan_33." (UK) $14,300
9 "morewater" (N/A) $10,868

Two More High Roller Titles Awarded

Event #37 Mini High Roller saw 845 players put up the $215 buy-in, which surpassed the $150,000 guarantee by generating a $244,600 prize pool, which was distributed to the top 108 players including “ShipCompany” (39th - $905.02), “SusanBoyle1” (18th - $1,663.28), “BubbaGg” (6th - $10,150.90), and “nelisschuif” (3rd - $23,848.50).

In the end, the title came down to Romania’s “PAPA_VINCENT” and Russia’s “Profided48.” The latter took home a $44,272.60 top prize, whilst the Russian had to settle for second place and a $31,798 consolation prize.

Event #37 Final Table Results    
1 "Profided48" (Russia) $44,272.60
2 "PAPA_VINCENT" (Romania) $31,798
3 "nelischuif" (Poland) $23,848.50
4 "lebshark46" (Lebanon) $17,855.80
5 Preban "prebzzz" Stokkan (Sweden) $12,596.90
6 "Bubba_Gg" (UK) $10,150.90
7 Rafael "nitGMmator" Moraes (Brazil) $7,704.90
8 "garyt20" (Italy) $5,405.66
9 "RKOoutofNWHR" (Germany) $3,130.88

Meanwhile in Event #40 $50,000 Turbo High Roller, a $160 buy-in tournament that drew 338 players, Kurt “GiNgErSpEw” Fitzgerald took just 223 minutes to capture the title and a $13,235.40 first-place prize.

In heads-up play, Fitzgerald bested Irish pro Peter “JoeyChestnut” Murphy, who has $565,417 in live tournament earnings. That includes a career-best $75,920 for finishing eighth in the 2010 Irish Poker Open.

Also at the final table was Romania's "omgsickklife", who on the opening day won the XL Inferno #11 $100,000 Sunday Challenge for $18,690.

Event #40 Final Table Results    
1 Kurt "GiNgErSpEw" Fitzgerald (Costa Rica) $13,235.40
2 Peter "JoeyChestnut" Murphy (UK) $9,918
3 "allesrigged" (Germany) $7,524
4 "plotka_voxa" (Lithuania) $5,643
5 "popsnpoker" (Canada) $3,898.80
6 "OMGsickklife" (Romania) $3,009.60
7 "PokerMogo" (Romania) $2,325.60
8 "KestasLOST" (Lithuania) $1,641.60
9 "lasochobi" (Argentina) $1,197

Day3 XL Inferno Champions

Below is a look at all those who won events on Day 3 of the XL Inferno, each of whom locked up a seat into the XL Champion of Champions tournament. Three lucky winners will receive packages to the 2017 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

  • Event #30 $10,000 Lightning 6-Max (169 player/$26,500 prize pool) won by “AsaNisse4” (Sweden) for $6,360
  • Event #31 $15,000 Breeze (555 players/$27,750 prize pool) won by “Magnf1cious” (Lithuania) for $5,244.75
  • Event #32 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish (1,007 players/$27,692.50 prize pool) won by “Rick78R” (Brazil) for $4,984.65
  • Event #33 $25,000 Crocodile (392 players/$58,800 prize pool) won by Pedro “gusma” Madeira (Brazil) for $11,283.72
  • Event #34 $15,000 Swordfish (923 players/$25,382.50 prize pool) won by “Ti0373” (Russia) for $4,568.85
  • Event #35 $20,000 Monsoon (873 players/$43,650 prize pool) won by Conor “GodfryJONES” O’Driscoll (Italy) for $7,857
  • Event #36 $500,000 High Roller (222 players/$572,000 prize pool) won by “anteen” (Sweden) for $116,974
  • Event #37 $150,000 Mini High Roller (845 players/$244,600 prize pool) won by “Profided48” (Russia) for $44,272.60
  • Event #38 $40,000 Tuesday Challenge (741 players/$74,100 prize pool) won by “starkinver” (???) for $13,597.35
  • Event #39 $15,000 Tornado (174 players/$23,100 prize pool) won by “psihodelik3” (Russia) for $4,966.50
  • Event #40 $50,000 Turbo High Roller (338 players/$68,400 prize pool) won by Kurt “GiNgErSpEw” Fitzgerald (Costa Rica)

The XL Inferno runs for 11 more days of non-stop action, so be sure to check back tomorrow for a full recap of the Day 4 action.

Day#4 – Wednesday Features a Dozen New Events

Day 4 of the XL Inferno has another dozen events on the schedule including deepstack, turbo and 6-max tournaments.

Not only will some of our more popular events like the Crocodile, Monsoon and Swordfish be held, they will be complimented by three 8-max events. At 18:00, both the $109 buy-in Event #47 $50,000 8-Max and $12 buy-in Event #48 $10,000 Mini 8-Max will run, followed two hours later by Event 51 $10,000 Turbo 8-Max.

The highly anticipated $160 buy-in Event #52 $20,000 Americas will also take place at 22:59.

 Click here for the full schedule of 888poker’s BIGGEST series to date.

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