Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little is a professional poker player with over $6,500,000 in live tournament earnings. Starting out as a “Magic: The Gathering” player, he switched to poker as he got older. It proved to be an excellent move. He started out playing online, and after gaining some success, he decided to start travelling the live circuit – another good move. 

Since, then, he has won two World Poker Tour titles and was the Season 6 Player of the Year. He is the author of 14 best-selling poker strategy books and the head coach at He posts a weekly educational blog and podcast at 

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Jonathan Little 's Articles

Your technical skills at the poker table are the main determining factor as to whether you are a profitable player. However, most professionals agree that poker bankroll management is another skill that must be mastered if you want to succeed in the long run.

World-class poker professional Jonathan Little teaches you how to learn to win more money at the poker table by increasing your level of aggression.