‘Ello ‘ere, mate! London remains a hotspot for poker players across the U.K.—where there’s multiple types of ‘fish and chips!’ And while we cannot advise you on the local pub grub, we can recommend the best places to play poker in London.

We decided to interview a long-time professional poker player living in London about the venues across the pond.

In no particular order, here is what we found out!

1) The Grosvenor Victoria Casino

Known by all who frequent simply as ‘The Vic,’ this casino is one of the most iconic in London. Don’t be dismayed by the underwhelming exterior—big names and players like Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott have walked through these doors.

The Grosvenor Victoria Casino
The Grosvenor Victoria Casino

Most importantly, you'll always find a game here - no matter the day of the week or the time of the night. But why is this one of the best places to play poker in London?

It’s simple: tables run around the clock.

Located near Hyde Park and Marble Arch, this place is ol’ reliable.

You’ll find 24/7 action and probably more Pot-Limit Omaha variants here than anywhere else—four-card PLO, five-card PLO, and even six-card PLO. For the avid Omaha player, this is another reason to make it one of the best places to play poker in London.

If you’re super lucky, you might even be able to put in a good word for getting a Caribbean stud poker game going!

‘The Vic’—part of the wider Grosvenor casino group—hosts the top-rated tournament series GUKPT ‘The Grand United Kingdom Poker Tour’.

As the largest poker room in London, you can’t go wrong with The Vic.

Just watch out for the local grinders! Many professional poker players make this place their home.

2) The Hippodrome Casino

Located in the heart of London's famous Leicester Square is one of the city's most renowned entertainment locations: The Hippodrome Casino. You can’t miss it!

Previously a circus theatre hosting the likes of Harry Houdini and Michael Jackson, this enormous historic establishment is spectacularly grandiose.

The Hippodrome Casino - Leicester Square, London
The Hippodrome Casino - Leicester Square, London

Forget poker hand rankings; the poker area is a room with a view. You overlook the entire casino from the tables - breathtaking.

The Hippodrome is tourist-friendly and hosts smaller games than other major nearby casinos (think: £1/£2 blinds). This fact makes it one of the best places to play poker in London for the travelling sightseer or weekend warrior.

It’s also within walking distance of the Empire Poker Room.

3) The Empire Poker Room

The long-standing Empire Poker Room is a very short walk from the Hippodrome in Leicester Square. Let’s be frank—the poker room itself is not as glamorous as the Hippodrome – think strip poker rather than high-stakes.

There are no glittering lights or indoor balconies overlooking the poker room. So why does it make the list of best places to play poker in London? Location, location, location!

Its proximity to The Hippodrome means you’ll never search for a game. This place operates in the weird hours of the night into the early hours of the morning. Unlike the Hippodrome, which closes at 5:30AM on weekdays, The Empire Poker Room is open 24/7.

The benefit of having both of these casinos so close to each other (less than 5 minutes walking) means if you find the action dead in either casino, you can always find a game in the other.

This ultimate convenience is a big plus for poker players trying to navigate the best places to play poker in London. It offers the same convenience as searching where to play poker in Vegas.

It's like a two-for-one deal! And if neither is good, you have all the attractions of Leicester Square.

4) Aspers Casino

Aspers Casino
Aspers Casino

You'll find Aspers Casino, situated in East London and part of the regeneration projects leading up to the London 2012 Olympic games. It's nice and new - just off the beaten path. Unless you're already in the area, expect a considerable commute from central London.

Combining your poker-playing trip to Aspers with some shopping might be best. The casino is on the third floor of the famous Westfield shopping centre.

This poker room is among the best places to play poker in London. You've got good foot traffic from the mall, and it's away from the central business district and hubbub.

Make a point of playing here if you're on this side of town or looking to spend your winnings on anything from H&M to Hermès.

Poker vloggers Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen also had a Meet-Up Game out here.

Aspers Casino is the new kid on the block for world poker tournaments, but it’s growing up fast.

5) The Palm Beach

The Best Places to Play Poker in London!

The Best Places to Play Poker in London!

Finally, tucked away in the plush Mayfair area of London is the worthy Palm Beach Casino. It is elegant and upscale—usually offering higher stakes than the other venues.

Just don’t forget to wear your Sunday Best… this place has a dress code!

It’s worth shining your shoes to play here as one of the best places to play poker in London.

Games typically begin at £5/£10. You’ll not find anything smaller. Games don’t run 24/7, but it’s near-nightly high-stakes action.

Obviously, this attracts some of the U.K.’s sharkiest players… perhaps including you?

Amanda is the author of the book A Girl's Guide to Poker, dedicated to making poker friendly and accessible to everyone. In 2021, she was a World Series of Poker final-tablist where she and her father took third place in the WSOP tag team event.