lucia navarro

Lucia Navarro, an accomplished professional poker player and 888poker ambassador, brings her passion for the game to every table. Hailing from Alicante, Spain, Lucia's love for card games, especially poker, has been evident since her early years. She swiftly transitioned from online cash games to local tournaments, clinching her first significant victory at the CNP888 Valencia Main Event in 2014, where she claimed the top spot and a $22K prize.

In 2015, Lucia made a strategic move to London, seeking more lucrative opportunities in live cash games at the Victoria Casino. Alongside her success in cash games, she proved her tournament prowess by securing impressive wins, including a $9K payout after a three-way deal. Lucia's remarkable achievements continued, highlighted by her back-to-back Main Event titles at CNP888 Alicante in 2019, solidifying her status as the only woman on the Spanish national poker circuit to hold two prominent titles. As an engaging figure in the poker community, Lucia shares her thrilling 888poker adventures through regular updates on Instagram (@lucia13navarro), Twitter (@lucia13navarro), as well as captivating content on her YouTube vlogs and TikTok videos (@lucia13navarro). Her journey exemplifies dedication, talent, and a true love for the game, inspiring aspiring players and poker enthusiasts worldwide.

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