Backing is essentially the same as ‘staking’. It is the activity of providing a bankroll for a poker player in exchange for a share of the profits.A backer may also provide coaching along with other services, so the role is often more involved than simply fronting a stake.

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What is a Backer and a Horse in Poker?

The terms backer and horse refer to the two main parties involved in a poker staking agreement. The backer (or staker) lends the money while the horse (stakee) borrows the money for use at the poker tables. A group of horses that are all backed by the same organization is referred to as a staking stable.

How Can I Find a Poker Backer?

It is often just a case of searching the internet for backers looking for new horses. Most backers won’t work with just anyone though. They will generally request to see a graph showing recent results along with some sort of written request detailing why backing is being requested. Some backers may even request identity documents so that they have legal recourse if the horse runs off with the investment.

Which Additional Services Do Poker Backers Provide?

Alongside providing the stake, many backers also arrange poker coaching for their players. Players may also be placed in a study group with other players who are part of the same backing stable so that they can assist each other in improving.

While not always the case backers are often experienced in the poker industry and can secure profitable rakeback deals, assist with money transfers and provide bankroll management, mindset and strategy advice.

Summary of Poker Backing

The term ‘backing’ is often used interchangeably with ‘staking’. Why not check out this article on poker staking and backing for some more information.

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