Explanation of Big Blind

Big-blinds should not be confused with big-bets. Big-bets are typically twice the size of big-blinds and refer to bet-sizings used in fixed-limit formats of poker.

Being forced to invest a big-blind without first seeing our hole-cards is a big disadvantage in poker. It’s viritually impossible to generate a positive win rate out of the small-blind or big-blind positions at the table. 

However, it’s the mandatory blind payments that drive the action. Players are incentivized to play non-premium holdings in an attempt to win the blinds. Without mandatory blind payments, poker would not work well as a competitive game (everyone would wait for the nuts preflop).

Example of Big Blind used in a sentence -> Our opponent had 100 big blinds in his stack but we had him covered with our 250 big blind stack.

See Also 

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