The term 'brick and mortar' refers to a company (casino in this context) that has a physical presence (i.e. a building) from where it runs operations. The term is used to help distinguish between casinos that purely have an online offering but no physical casino where players may go to gamble. 

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Why is the Term ‘Brick and Mortar’ Used to Describe a Casino?

The term ‘brick and mortar’ is used to describe a casino that owns a physical building where players go in order to play casino games. The term helps to differentiate such establishments from casinos that purely offer online gaming. 

Is Playing Online Poker Different From a Brick And Mortar Casino?

The rules of the games are virtually the same, so there is no difference in that sense. Skill games such as poker are generally much harder to beat online than they are in a brick and mortar casino. Online games also offer the convenience of playing at any hour without the need for leaving the house. Those who play poker mainly for social reasons will probably continue to prefer their local brick and mortar casino. 

Are There Any Advantages to Playing a Brick and Mortar Casino?

Softer games. Perks and comps from the casino. Better social aspects along with an environment conducive to gambling. Although there are many great reasons to play online brick and mortar casinos are not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Summary of Brick and Mortar

The term ‘brick and mortar’ is used to indicate that a casino has a physical building where its customers go to gamble. The term is used to differentiate such casinos from casinos which only have an online offering and no physical building. 

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