Cash games in poker are a format where chips are used to directly represent cash amounts. It’s not technically necessary to have chips to play poker since real money could be used directly.

In poker cash games, players can leave or join the table at any time. This is different from poker tournaments where players can only join at the beginning and keep playing until all their chips are gone. 

In this guide we’ll learn the following - 

What are the Stakes in a Poker Cash Game?

The stakes of a poker game are generally described using two values, the small blind and big blind. If the stakes of a cash came is $1/$2 it means that the small blind is $1 while the big blind is $2. It’s common for players to join a cash game with 100 big blinds, so $200 in the case of a $1/$2 game. 

What are the Betting Limits in a Poker Cash Game?

The betting limits in a poker cash game is defined by its betting structure. There are three main betting structures. 1. Fixed limit - Betting and raising occurs in small fixed increments. 2. Pot Limit - The maximum allowed bet or raise is the size of the current pot. 3. No Limit - Players can bet any amount at any time up to a maximum of all the chips they currently have at the table. 

How do Poker Cash Games Differ From Tournaments?

The main difference with cash games is that players are free to buy in and cash out at any time with their winnings. In tournaments, players are only permitted to buy in at the beginning of the event and continue playing until either they run out of chips or they are the last player remaining. 

What is a Rebuy in a Poker Cash Game?

To rebuy in a cash game means to bring additional chips to the table. This can be done at any time when not currently involved in a hand. In live games it is necessary to talk to the dealer in order to rebuy. In online games it can be done by simply clicking a button or enabling the ‘auto-rebuy’ option.

Are Chips Necessary in Order to Play a Poker Cash Game?

Chips are mostly used for convenience since it potentially allows for smaller units of value. Chips are not strictly necessary for apoker game to work however and poker can technically be played directly with cash. It is also not unheard of for a poker game to use a combination of both chips and cash. The vast majority of poker games are played with chips and using only chips is mandatory in most casinos. 

Can You Make Money Playing Poker Cash Games?

Unlike other casino games which are played against the house (who always wins), poker is a game of skill that is played against other players. The skill component of the game means that it is possible to consistently win against less skilled opponents. Interestingly, despite clearly being a game of skill, many governmental entities classify poker as a game of chance alongside slots and roulette. 

Summary of Poker Cash Games

In a poker cash game players are free to buy in and leave at any time. Cash games are played with chips which represent equivalent cash values. At the end of a cash game the chips can be exchanged for cash. 

It is possible to be a long term winner playing poker cash games. Why not check out some top tips for beating cash games?

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