Explanation of Dead Money

Dead money refers to money in the pot which no player at the table seems interested in claiming. The first player to take an aggressive action usually ends up collecting the dead money aftereveryone folds.

Dead money is often associated with “dead blinds”. A dead blind is a mandatory out-of-turn required bet made by a player returning to the table mid-orbit. That player’s investment into the pot is compulsory. Therefore, the chances of him holding weak cards are above average. It’s highly likely that he will not look to defend his blind post. Hence, a dead blind post is often referred to as “dead money”. 

Example of Dead Money used in a sentence -> There was a lot of dead money in the middle. So, it seemed like a decent spot to raise with a wide range. 

Dead Money Poker Strategy

The term dead money is generally used loosely and often incorrectly.Players wrongly describe it as s a situation with a lot of chips already in the pot. These chips aren’t truly “dead”. In many dead moneysituations, the chips are absolutely not dead. The Villain will be willing to fight for them with some frequency.

A more correct application of dead moneyhappens when:

a) A dead blind has been posted.
b) Players are repeatedly checking without showing any interest in the pot.

In such situations, playing a slightly broader range than usually should be profitable. For example, it’s common for players to open-raise a wider range when a player has posted a dead blind. There is simply more money in the middle to win. It’s unlikely the poster has anything strong (especially if he already checked his option). 

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