Explanation of Hand

Hand for hand is employed in the latter stages of poker tournaments while there are still several poker tables running. This is done for the following reasons -

1. It allows for a more precise measure of exactly who busted out when. Things could get confusing if it fell down to the precise time someone busted. With hand for hand, everyone who busts on the same hand is considered as busting at the same time.

2. It helps to prevent deliberate time-wasting on the part of the players. A shortstack close to busting might deliberately take more time than necessary to make his decision in the hope that someone busts before him. This is essentially a type of angle shooting that allows tournament players to gain an unfair advantage.

Example of Hand for Hand used in a sentence -> We were in hand for hand play for almost 10 minutes before the bubble burst and normal play resumed. 

How to Use Hand as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Players with bigger stacks are often at an advantage during hand for hand play. The shorter stacks are often looking to play conservatively and avoid committing their stack where possible. It’s a natural reaction for players to try and “hang in there” until the next pay jump or reaching the money after the bubble breaks. It’s also actually correct for them to do this in many cases due to ICM considerations. Being forced to play tight ranges as a result of specific stack depths is described as “being under ICM pressure”. Bigger stacks can aggressively target shorter stacks since they don’t need to fear getting knocked out of the tournament.

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