The term limit poker (short for ‘fixed limit poker’) refers to a betting structure employed in poker variants. Unlike no limit games where players can bet or raise any amount from their stack at any given time, fixed limit games require players to bet and raise in fixed increments. 

Which Poker Games are Played With Fixed Limit?

Stud games are most commonly played with a fixed limit betting structure. Although Hold’em is still often played with fixed limit, no limit Hold’em games are far more popular. Omaha-8 (split pot Omaha) is also often played with a fixed limit format. 

Which Bet Sizings are Allowed in Fixed Limit Games?

Fixed limit games typically make use of two distinct bet/raise sizings, the small bet and the big bet. All bets and raises must make use of one of these bet-sizings. Whether or not the small or big bet sizing is used will depend on the current street (round of betting). The small and big bet sizings are named in the limit structure. For example in a $1/$2 fixed limit game the small bet is $1 while the big bet is $2. 

When Can We Use The Big Bet in Fixed Limit Hold’em?

In Hold’em the big bet is used on the turn and river. For the preflop and flop betting rounds, bets and raises must be in increments of the small bet.

When Can We Use The Big Bet in Fixed Limit Stud?

In Stud games the big bet is used from fifth street onwards. The only exception is that the big bet sizing may be used on fourth street if one of the players at the table has an exposed pair. 

What is the Raise Cap in Fixed Limit Games?

The raise cap is a limit on how many times a player can bet or raise on any given betting round. In the vast majority of fixed limit games the raise cap is set to one bet and three subsequent raises

Summary of Fixed Limit Poker

The term fixed limit describes a betting structure used in poker games where players at the table must bet or raise in fixed pre-decided increments. 

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