Set over set is where two players both make a set (three of a kind using both hole-cards at the same time). It is considered an unlucky 'cooler' type situation since the player with the weaker set is often not supposed to fold at any point. 

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Can We Get Away from Set Over Set in Hold’em?

It depends on a number of variables such as the stack depth and board runout. In many cases it will incorrect to fold a set while 100bb deep in Hold’em, but we should start being very careful with bottom and middle set as the stacks get deeper. We should also take note of how many draws have completed. Bottom set on an A72 rainbow flop is much stronger than bottom set on a 789 two-tone flop for example.

Can We Get Away from Set Over Set in PLO?

Sets are a lot weaker in PLO than they are in Hold’em. This is especially true with bottom and middle set. In most PLO games we can definitely get away from dominated sets, especially if there are completed flush-draws and straight-draws on the board. In other words, it is not necessarily a cooler in PLO if we flop bottom set and lose our stack, maybe we should have folded at some point. 

Set vs Trips in Poker – What is the Difference?

The terms ‘set’ and ‘trips’ both describe ‘three of a kind’ in poker. However, ‘set’ typically refers to making three-of-a-kind using two hole-cards (i.e. a pocket pair in the hole). ‘Trips’ on the other hand refers to makingthree of a kind using one hole card along with a pair on the board. In general, sets are much stronger than trips because they are better disguised. 

What is a Cooler in Poker?

A cooler is where two players both have hands that are so strong that it would be incorrect for either of them to fold at any point. Naturally, this is unlucky for the player holding the inferior hand in this situation. A common example is ‘set over set’ on a dry board texture in Hold’em. It is rarely correct for either player to fold and so the situation is typically described as a ‘cooler’. 

Summary of Set Over Set

Set over set is where two players both make three of a kind using a pocket pair in the hole. In Hold’em this is often considered a ‘cooler’ situation since it may often not be correct for either player to fold at any point.

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