A suck out is when our opponent catches an unlikely card and improves to the best hand, winning the pot. It is related to the term bad beat in poker. (When one player sucks out the other player has a bad beat).

The term suck out is especially used when a player makes an obviously bad call before improving to the best hand.

In this guide we will learn the following - 

What is an Example of a Suck Out in Poker?

We are all in on the flop in Hold’em with top set, TT on a T95 board. Our opponent shows the J7 and catches the 8 on the turn to win with a straight. It is a suckout because our opponent caught a lucky card to win the pot.  Depending on the action we may also think our opponent should have folded his gutshot on the flop if he was playing correctly.

What is a Runner Runner Suck Out in Poker?

We are all in on the flop in Hold’em top set, TT on a T95 board. Our opponent shows the AJ and then catches a queen on the turn and king on the river, winning the pot with his straight. It’s called a runner runner suck out because our opponent had to catch two cards in order to win is extremely unlikely (although it does happen from time to time).

Do Weak Players Suck Out More Often?

Yes, but not because of any mysterious luck factor. Weak players are simply more often dominated when the chips go in, meaning they have more opportunities to suck out compared to other players. Since they will inevitably suck out a few times in a row at some point, it can give them the appearance of being lucky.

How Do Poker Players Deal With Suck Outs?

A big part of being a successful poker player is investing time in improving mindset. There are books, training videos and coaches that can help with improving mental game. Professional players stay calm (at least in theory) when facing bad beats and suck outs .The worst thing a player can do is become emotionally affected and begin making bad plays (known as ‘tilt’).


It’s impossible to control whether our opponent sucks out or not, but we can control how we respond to it. Suck outs are part of the game and we should try and deal with them in a calm focused manner.


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