If there's any place in the world that two retired footballers can still beat their chests, it's at a poker table. In this week's episode of 888poker's #HEADSUP, two of England's greats meet on the poker table as opposed to the football pitch, to prove who's still got it. This is one #HEADSUP battle that's going down to the wire.

The game starts off friendly enough, with both Paul and Wayne looking very comfortable and relaxed at the table. Both players have had long footy careers, but now it's time to take the boots off and stack some chips.

Boots, Pros and Pranks

Paul kicks things off with a bit of chit-chat about cleaning boots. When Paul first started out, he would clean West Ham's Billy Bonds and Alvie Martin's boots. Wayne responds by naming a young kid called, “Walla”, who would clean everyone's boots at Southampton. Paul's comeback takes Bridge by surprise: None other than “Stevie G”, Steven Gerrard, MBE would do the honours for Paul when he played for Liverpool. Now, that's one for the record books!

But back to the poker. Wayne has obviously got some poker prowess and follows the game. When the subject of the player he'd most like to go #HEADSUP with at the poker table is raised, he surprisingly doesn't pick his England teammate. Instead, he goes for former Welsh striker, Craig Bellamy. Because, according to Wayne, “he's hard to read and talks a good game.”

Paul's not convinced but does give Wayne an insight into his own game: Paul puts his glasses on when he's interested in a hand. Are you getting this all down, Wayne?

The talk turns to playing pranks. Major pranks. And, of course, Paul doesn't disappoint with a story involving ex-Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson and best mate Ryan Giggs. Alex Ferguson wouldn't give either Giggs or Ince a new contract, So one night, Paul and Giggsy went up to his office around 9:30pm. Alex had a shower in his office and was actually in the shower at the time. Paul had an air rifle with him – just a toy that he had hanging around the training ground - and as Ferguson exited the shower, Ince raised the gun and pointed it at him. In his panic, Alex dropped the towel, leaving nothing to the imagination!

At the end of the day, it was all worth it, according to Paul, because they ended up getting a new contract, “so it worked!”

With the mention of guns, Wayne promptly folds his hand, not wanting to mess with that. Paul's table talk is getting the job done…!

“Touchy” Table Chat and Strawpedos

Never one to steer clear of controversy, Ince turns the talk to players with the worst first touch. Wayne, not wanting to leave anyone out, passes the ball to ex-Southampton manager, Gordon Strachan. According to Bridge, Strachan singled out ex-teammate Rory Delap. He would instruct him to practise in a circle with four cones, with his mates, because, in Strachan's words, “your first touch is terrible!” Ouch! Moving on...

The table talk moves along to the footballers' lads night out and who would always end up legless. In the battle of the lads night lightweights, Wayne certainly comes up trumps! As, when he first started out, his teammates would always make him lose any competitions so that he would have to drink the most!

However, when it comes to strawpedos, he reigns supreme. He has never lost! For those who don't know what a strawpedo is, try placing a straw into a bottle before drinking. The air goes out quicker, so that you can gulp it down faster. We could have another entry for the next Olympics on our hands!

And, talking of hands, it's the final hand of this heads-up cliffhanger. Want to know what happens? Watch the video above…

Chad Holloway is a 2013 WSOP Bracelet winner who has previously worked for PokerNews as a managing editor and live reporter