As streaming live cash games become increasingly popular, Nikhil Arcot (better known as “Nik Airball”) has become a regular on Hustler Club Live. The show sees massive cash swings on the table and Airball repeatedly mixing it up in action.

In March 2023, the high-stakes regular spoke about losing $744,000 in a session on the show. That ballooned to more than $900,000 over that same week. The same month, he took some shots at poker coach Matt Berkey.

Airball challenged Berkey to heads-up cash game action. The two eventually agreed to play three days in Las Vegas at $200/$400 blinds with a minimum $100,000 buy-in. The event has the chance to affect Airball’s net worth – either positively or negatively.

Net Worth Speculated to be at least $8 million to $10 million*
Total Tournament Winnings $20,700
Major wins Negligible major tournament wins
Other revenue streams Cash game winnings, investment banking

Poker Winnings and Key Tournaments

Airball is a regular at the Hustler Club high-stakes table with a history in investment banking. His outgoing personality and penchant for verbal battling have earned him a spot in some big streaming games.

Airball plays mostly cash games and isn't shy about his skills at the tables, as this Tweet shows.

How much Airball has won as a cash game player is unknown. But he plays at some eye-watering stakes. He might be of the most significant winners on the Hustler Club Live streaming games, raking in decent winnings in recent years.

This hand below shows his fearlessness, picking up a $135,000 pot at The Lodge poker club in Texas.

In November 2022, he won the biggest pot ever seen on a stream, pocketing $870,000. 

Trash Talking and Berkey Challenge

With his gift of gab at the tables on stream, Airball has earned the reputation as a trash talker. 

That aptitude undoubtedly came out on a stream when discussing Berkey.

“I love all the bad players,” Airball said. “The guy’s the worst player in the world, and he’s trying to coach players. It’s amazing. I probably shouldn’t complain about it. But I mean, you’ve got to call a scammer out when you see one.” 

Berkey objected to those words questioning his skills and the role of his Solve for Why Academy. He and others charged Airball with “clout chasing” for his comments and the challenge. 

When the cards get in the air, Airball has a shot at a nice payday if he can come out ahead in the matchup, adding a few dollars to his overall net worth.

Other Income Outside Poker

Beyond poker, we don’t know much about Airball’s work in investment banking. Several online sites list him as involved at various times. The latest of those ventures is Aerospace and Defense Investment Bank.

The company focuses on mergers and acquisitions, advising for secretive, private equity-owned businesses. Airball may also have worked for a company called KAL Capital. His role in these companies isn’t precisely known. But considering the high stakes he plays, it’s a good bet he did reasonably well in these roles.

So, what precisely is this high-stakes player’s net worth? 

That’s been the topic of some speculation online, but nothing has been confirmed. At least $8 million to $10 million seems a likely starting point, considering Airball’s background in investment banking. 

The total could be much higher. Either way, Airball has been making quite a name on the high-stakes streaming cash game scene.

* Net worth based on various online estimates

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