Poker Cheat Sheets to Shortcut Your Way to the Top

6 Texas Hold'em

Matthew Cluff

Poker Hands Cheat Sheet
Poker Lingo
Poker Table Position Names
Poker Starting Hands
The Simple Way to Play Post-Flop
The Ultimate Cheat: Bonus Charts

Holde'm cheat sheets

Poker Hands Cheat Sheet

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Full House
Two Pair
One Pair
High Card

Poker Lingo

When you first started playing poker, you may have felt like you listening to a Foriegn language!

Poker Table Position Names

Not every hand of poker is created equal. Depending on where you’re seated -  your win rate and which hands you should play will vary dramaticially.

Texas Holde'm Chest Sheet

Many players are unprofitable at first because they play far too many starting hands. They may have a VIPI of around 40% in 6max. 

Game-Theory Optimal

 You play an unexploitable style of poker and only profit from your opponents’ mistakes.
Exploitable: You target your opponents’ exploitable tendencies when making decisions.

Poker Cheat Sheet Summary

Matthew Cluff

Poker is an extraordinarily complex game. To help you succeed, we’ve created a list of Texas Holde'm cheat sheets to reference during study or gameplay. 

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