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What is Winrate in Poker?

Winrate in poker measures how fast a player wins. In cash games, it is measured in terms of the number of big blinds made per 100 hands

Many players use software to calculate their winrate. This situation is especially the case for online players. Poker tracker will calculate winrate on hand histories it receives.

Calculating Winrate

For cash game players 

Unfortunately, without these two values, it won’t be possible to calculate winrate. 

- Total number of hands we have played
- Total profit in big blinds

For tournament players

- Our tournament winnings.
- Amount spent on tournament buy-ins. 

For ExamPle

($10000 - $7500) / ($7500 * 100) = ROI
$2500 / $750000 = 0.0333 or 3.33% ROI. 

We have $10000 in total earnings but have spent around $7500 on tournament buy-ins. What is our ROI?

What’s a Good Winrate in Poker?

The truth is, it depends on a wide variety of factors such as stakes, toughness of games, and rake. 

Winrate by Position

- Earlier positions
- Marginally positive
- Lojack - 5
- Hijack - 10
- Cutoff - 25
- Button - 40
- Small Blind - (-15)
- Big Blind - (-30)

Breakdown of expected cash game

Variance in Poker

It’s crucial to account for variance when determining our winrate. The term variance refers to the way our results can differ from our actual winrate over a period of time. 

Winrate vs Other Metrics

"High winrate is great for bragging rights"