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Hand Combinations

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What Are Combinations?

A singular instance of a certain poker hand (usually referring to the hole cards).

Combinations– Meaning

Hand Combinations in Poker

The term “combination” (or “combo” for short) refers to the different ways we can make a specific type of poker hand.

Calculating Combos in Hold’em

It’s easy enough to remember preflop combos. But things get a little more complicated when we need to take in to account card removal effect.

We should now be equipped to answer slightly more advanced questions regarding combinations. We’ll need basic arithmetic skills and some common sense. 

A selection of items from a collection where order doesn’t matter.

Combinations in Mathematics


Well, according to our pot odds we need to win at least 33% of the time justify a call when facing a pot-sized bet. 

Should we call or fold?

Even with strong idea regarding the number of hand combinations our opponent has, it’s almost impossible to know for certain whether we hold the winning combination.

Do we Have the Winning Combination?

In contrast, far fewer players know about mathematical combinations. The average player may not even have heard of them, let alone know how to calculate them. 

Hand Combinations

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