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JPC 500 Piece Crown Casino


This excellent quality casino-style set has fantastic bold design elements and unique colours.

Cost: $99
Number of Chips: 500

Da Vinci Professional Poker Set


This set is quite a deal for this number of chips. Do Vinc is a long-time poker manufacturer and offers plenty of bang for the buck.

Cost: $89.5
Number of Chips: 500

Slowplay Nash Clay Poker Chips


This company consists of poker lovers who also happen to be aviation engineers and graphic designers. 

Cost: $119.99
Number of Chips: 300

888poker Clay Chip Set


The set also comes with a dealer button and two high-quality decks of cards.

Cost: 888poker Gold Tokens
Number of Chips: 300

MRC Monte Carlo Poker Club Chip Set


The 14-gram chips have a unique, multi-coloured design and come in seven denominations.

Cost: $229.99
Number of Chips: 1000

Slowplay Aces Ceramic Poker Chip Set


These highly-stylised ceronomic chips not only look sleek but have a great feel when in a player’s hands. 

Cost: $299
Number of Chips: 500

Pokercrafts Poker Chip Set


Leather carrying case makes poker on-the-go effortless. The chips come in seven denominations and an “Ace High Poker Club” design.

Cost: $71.90
Number of Chips: 320

Gamie Texas Hold’em Poker


You probably won’t be hosting in any major tournaments with this set. But a small game will undoubtedly be perfect for this travel set.

Cost: $29.95
Number of Chips: 200

Da Vinci Chip Racks


While most casino style chip racks come with a carrying case, many players might play more in a home poker room.

Cost: $12.95

Versa Games Deluxe Poker Chip Carrier


The thick interior, corner protection, and latches help avoid chip spillage. This carrier is the Cadillac of carrying large numbers of poker chips.

Cost: $69.95

Ultimate Dealer Button


Tournament players will love this item. Not only is it a dealer button, but it also helps manage the entire tournament.

Cost: $24.95

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